Metamorphosis: A never-before depiction of the devil to hit Singapore screens in September

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metamorphosis korean movie poster singapore

METAMORPHOSIS is a Korean movie that centers a devil that can take a human form to create confusion within a family unit, and shows how it can lead to truly horrific results. All the cast members uniformly said “METAMORPHOSIS was special.” Other films that dealt with devils depicted it as a being that possesses humans or used as a horror device that suddenly appear out of nowhere to scare the audience, but in METAMORPHOSIS, the devil takes on the form of humans.

Just as humans have different types, no two devils are alike. They are embodied in many different types, such as possession, and metaphysical harassment, or they could transform

Bae Sung Woo, Actor

Directing how to depict a devil that can transform into anyone was the most important aspect of METAMORPHOSIS. In addition, how the devil is introduced and how it’s shown in the climax proved to be a big challenge. Ever since the script revision stage, director Kim thought about at what point a family member disappears and when the devil appears. 

“There were 2 dads last nights”

In one of the scenes, devil version of Kang-gu is on the second floor, while real Kang-gu enters the house on the first floor, creating an intense moment of horror. It’s not long before the audience gets to meet this new breed of devil. 

METAMORPHOSIS Main Trailer | In Cinemas 12 September 2019

When a devil that is able to morph into a human-being invades Kang-gu’s family causing doubts and suspicion among them, his brother Joong-su, who is a pastor must come to their aid. But he’s reluctant to do so because of his failed exorcism in the past, which resulted in the death of a young girl. He has little choice to perform one last exorcism for the sake of his family…Starring Bae Seong-woo, Jang Young-nam and Sung Dong-il. METAMORPHOSIS opens 12 Sep! #변신 #배성우 #장영남 #성동일 #백윤식

Posted by Clover Films on Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Bae Sung Woo, Sung Dong-il and Jang Young Nam’s intense transformation! Kim Hye Joon, Cho Lee Hyun and Kim Kang Hoon are this year’s newest discovery! 

Actors Bae Sung Woo, Sung Dong-il and Jang Young Nam have showcased their acting chops via plays, TV series and films over the years. They were completely won over by METAMORPHOSIS ever since they read the script. They were joined by newcomers Kim Hye Joon, Cho Lee Hyun, Kim Kang Hoon.

Actor Sung Dong-il has always been in public eye with a string of prominent TV roles over the years but REPLY series catapulted his status to mega stardom. In METAMORPHOSIS, he plays dual roles as a loving father, and the devil version of himself, who has no problem inflicting pain to the children. Actress Jang Young Nam is expected to show a side of her that has never been seen before in METAMORPHOSIS, whose performance in the film will confirm to the audience that the devil really do exist. 

Newcomer Kim Hye Joon, who starred in Netflix series KINGDOM and actor Kim Yoon Seok’s directorial debut ANOTHER CHILD, stars as the family’s eldest child. Director Kim kept an eye on her audition tapes and her other projects and contacted her himself to cast her. As for the middle child of the family, Cho Lee Hyun, she won the role after competing against a large number of applicants. Even though this is her first feature film, her performance elated her co-stars. Young actor Kim Kang Hoon has already starred in high profile projects such as TV’s MISTER SUNSHINE and disaster blockbuster EXIT.

METAMORPHOSIS 15s Clip 1 | In Cinemas 12 September 2019

“The devil can transform into anyone.” ?Starring Bae Seong-woo, Jang Young-nam and Sung Dong-il METAMORPHOSIS opens 12 Sep! #변신 #배성우 #장영남 #성동일 #백윤식

Posted by Clover Films on Thursday, 29 August 2019

TITLE                          Metamorphosis (Korean Movie)

DIRECTOR                 KIM Hong-su

CAST                          Bae Sung Woo, Sung Dong-il, Jang Young Nam,
                                    Kim Hye Joon, Cho Lee Hyung, Kim Kang Hoon 

GENRE                        Horror, thriller 

RELEASE DATE         21 August 2019

IN CINEMAS 12 September 2019

In collaboration with Clover Films, KAvenyou is running a giveaway on our Instagram account for you to attend the preview screening of this Korean movie METAMORPHOSIS.

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