“Your Eyes Tell”, Japanese remake of Korean film featuring theme song by BTS to screen in Singapore cinemas

Japanese romance film, “Your Eyes Tell” (きみの瞳が問いかけている) will be making its way to Singapore cinemas soon.

“Your Eyes Tell” is a Japanese remake of the 2011 Korean movie – Always, and the movie also features a original theme song by global sensation K-pop group BTS, of which Jungkook also participated in composing.

“Listen closely to the beautiful melody and the message of the lyrics conveying that ‘In the midst of hardship, I believe there is light in your sights of the future. Hope you enjoy it and feel our emotions we poured into the song when you watch the movie,” said BTS, according to a Variety article.


“I want you to see a bright future, even if I won’t be there”

Rui (played by Ryusei Yokohama) is a reticent former kickboxer who has broken away from a shady job as a mob debt collector and now lives a lone life from day to day, disassociated with most of society. While at work, he meets Akari (played by Yuriko Yoshitaka), a blind yet cheerful girl – despite her loss of eyesight and her parents in a tragic car accident several years ago. Akari’s frequent visits and carefree brightness bring Rui out of his shell, and the time spent with her begins to shine in his darkness. While their hearts get closer together, little do they know that his bitter past and her eyesight loss were deeply intertwined, and Rui attempts to do what is right.

Movie “Your Eyes Tell” opens in Singapore cinemas on 29 October 2020.
The movie is rated PG13 – Some Violence.

In the meantime, watch the trailer here:

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