Ha Jung Woo and Kim Nam Gil join forces in Korean horror flick ‘The Closet’

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Starring Ha Jung Woo and Kim Nam Gil, the two talented actors join forces in 2020’s latest horror flick, ‘The Closet’ (클로젯), to solve a mystery that’s been happening for the past decade.

Architect Sang Won and his daughter, Ina moves to a new house to restore their estranged relationship, where they begin hearing strange noises coming from their closet. Ina started acting abnormally & suddenly disappears without a trace. While looking for Ina, Sang Won gets a call from a mysterious man, Kyung Hoon, who tells him that Ina is not the first one disappear and that he has been looking for 32 other missing children for the last 10 years – and the closet is somehow involved in all these series of events.

The Closet opens in Singapore cinemas from 27 February 2020. Catch the trailer below:

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