[Lifestyle] Most anticipated Korean movies to arrive in Singapore

30 August 2018, Singapore – Chuseok is a period in Korea where the most highly anticipated Korean movies compete to be launched in cinemas. Clover Films has announced a slate of Korean movies, which promises to excite you from a wide spectrum of genre.

Clover Films and Golden Village brings you the best Korean movies to Singapore this Chuseok season

The Spy Gone North

Korean movies The Spy Gone North
Credits: Clover Films

Directed by Cannes award-wining director Yoon Jong-Bin, The Spy Gone North represents the director’s hopes to provide a broader view on the issue of national division; giving audiences an opportunity to rethink the issue of national division from an entirely fresh point of view. The all-star ensemble of Hwang Jung-Min (The Battleship Island, The Wailing), Lee Sung-Min, Cho Jin-Woong and Ju Ji-Hoon; represents the strengths of contemporary Korean cinema, giving the movie an extra edge.


Korean movies monstrum
Credits: Clover Films

Monstrum is a big budget action movie that centers on a mysterious ancient monster, that awakes and terrorizes Mount Inwangsan. At the instruction of the King, 4 royal subjects fight alongside with the commoners against the man-eating monster. Directed by Huh Jong-Ho, starring Kim Myung-Min, popular K-Pop group ‘Girl’s Day’ member Lee Hye-Ri and Train to Busan’s Choi Woo-Shik; the sci-fi thriller fans will rejoice with the delivery of an action-packed period Korean monster movie! Watch out for Hye-Ri’s as she forays into the big screen and ignites on screen chemistry with Choi Woo-Shik!

The Negotiation

Korean movies the negotiation
Credits: Clover Films

The Negotiation features the charming Hyun Bin, undertaking the role of a thug in conflict with the cool-headed negotiator Son Ye-Jin. The pair of eye candy pits themselves against each other, as a hostage situation occurs with only 12 hours to save the hostages. Keep an eye out for Hyun Bin’s performance as he plays a villain for the first time in his career! 

The Great Battle

Korean movies the great battle
Credits: Clover Films

The Great Battle is a historical action directed by Kim Kwang-Sik, which talks about the great battle spanning across 88 days; regarding the siege of Ansi Fortress led by General Yang starring Jo In-Sung (A Frozen Flower). The massive and extravagant battle scenes, are sure to impress viewers who are history and war movie buffs! Be mesmerized with the brawn and brain of the award-winning actor Jo In-Sung, as he braves through the battles.


Korean movies rampant
Credits: Clover Films

Currently one of the most anticipated Korean movies in 2018, the producer of the record-breaking Korean zombie film, Train to Busan, returns with Rampant. If you only have time for one movie, THIS is the one not to be missed! The period action film which stars Hyun Bin and veteran actor Jang Dong-Gun, sees a prince who returns to his Kingdom to find it swarmed with ‘night demons’ (aka Zombies). Rampant transports the viewers back to the ancient times, and keeps viewers at the edge of their seats with non-stop action; as the night demons creates unrest in the kingdom! Mark your calendar to catch the Korean zombie movie of 2018!

The Soul-mate

Korean movies the soul-mate
Credits: Clover Films

Action-comedy The Soul-mate stars possibly one of the busiest Korean actor, Ma Dong-Seok, who is back at kicking the ass of the bad guys and making the audience cheer for him. Kim Young-Kwang stars as a patrol officer whose soul gets separated from his body. While he attempts to end his situation of being an invisible wandering spirit, he realises the only human who can see him is his arch foe and enemy Jang-su (Ma Dong-Seok).  Directed by Jo Won-Hee and co-starring Lee Yoo-Young, embrace the warmth in mankind with this heart-warming action comedy.

The Witness

Korean movies the witness
Credits: Clover Films

The Witness features a murder that took place at an apartment, and Sang Hoon (Lee Sung-Min) incidentally had eye contact with the murder from his apartment. As the murder seeks to eliminate the only witness to his crime, Sang Hoon becomes entangled in circumstance beyond his control and strives to stay alive. Caught between the witness who choose to keep mum and the murderer who constantly harasses the witness into keeping mum, the detective (Kim Sang-Ho) tries hard to build his case.

The 7 titles are co-distributed by Clover Films and Golden Village in Singapore with the following theatrical release date. 

Release DateMovie Titles
6th SeptemberTHE SPY GONE NORTH (Chinese Title: 《北方》)
20th SeptemberMONSTRUM (Chinese Title: 《恶兽》)
4th OctoberTHE NEGOTIATION (Tentative Chinese Title: 《协商》)
18th OctoberTHE GREAT BATTLE (Tentative Chinese Title: 《安市城》)
1st NovemberRAMPANT (Chinese Title: 《尸杀帝国》)
TBCTHE SOUL-MATE (Tentative Chinese Title: 美好人生)
TBCTHE WITNESS (Tentative Chinese Title: 目击者)

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