[MOVIE] Intimate Strangers: Will you reveal all your cell phone content to close friends?

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[MOVIE] Intimate Strangers: Will you reveal all your cell phone content to close friends?
“Wanna play a game? Put your cell phones on the table.
Let’s share all our messages and calls during dinner.
All notices. Even emails.”

This sounds like a great idea for an over-the-dinner game when you meet up with close friends – because:

1) You have nothing to hide (your phone is probably filled with pictures of oppas that you don’t have space for anything else).
2) You’re trying to dig out that secret from the friend who refuses to tell you anything more.

This is what exactly Korean comedy-drama film “Intimate Strangers” is about: a game where all phone calls, texts, and emails are forced to be revealed for a set time during a dinner party with close friends.

Stemming from the question, “What if your phone was revealed to the one beside you?”, the film is a story about intimate friends dealing with the dangers of “a game of unlocking cell phones” that turns them into perfect strangers.

This film is a Korean remake of Italian movie “Perfect Strangers”, starring Lee Seo-jin, Yoo Hae-jin and Cho Jin-woong, along with Yum Jung-ah, Kim Ji-soo, Song Ha-yoon and Yoon Kyung-ho. These top actors and actresses have united as 7 friends and their spouses, who lead very different lives and have hidden secrets, despite the 40-year-long friendship.

Character & Cast

[MOVIE] Intimate Strangers: Will you reveal all your cell phone content to close friends?

Jun-mo (Lee Seo-jin) had recently opened a new restaurant and dreams of being a star in the business, however, he has a track record of several ruined businesses before. Portraying a handsome middle-aged man with clever wits and a gentle aura, Jun-mo is constantly surrounded by women. Do not miss his newlywed chemistry with the innocent and naive Se-kyung (Song Ha-yoon) in the movie!

[MOVIE] Intimate Strangers: Will you reveal all your cell phone content to close friends?

Tae-su (Yoo Hae-jin) is a strict lawyer who always go by the books, but no matter how conservative he is, he holds an unpredictable secret, and sees mysterious messages daily at 10pm. His emotional and sensitive wife, Su-hyeon (Yum Jung-ah) started taking poetry classes to relieve stress, where she makes new friends and discovers a talent she did not know she had.

[MOVIE] Intimate Strangers: Will you reveal all your cell phone content to close friends?

Seok-ho (Choi Jin-woong) is a warm-hearted plastic surgeon who quietly protects his wife and daughter as a good husband and father. He’s always the listening ear for his friends, but he is worried about something he did wrong that he cannot tell anyone about. His psychiatrist wife Ye-jin (Kim Ji-soo) has it all, but secretly struggles with an inferiority complex.

Young-bae (Yoon Kyung-ho) has no idea why he is sometimes being excluded from his group of 4 close friends. However, he is a man with a secret that he cannot even reveal to his closest, 40-year-long friends.

The movie has just opened in Korean cinemas on 31 October, and it has already surpassed 1 million admissions in 4 days – making it the first Korean comedy in 2018 to achieve such a feat.

Watch the trailer here:

Intimate Strangers opens in Singapore cinemas from 22 November 2018.

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