Jeer behind the jolly –– Strikes at Korea’s largest broadcasting stations

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The Korean Media Industry Norm – Strikes “Shuts Down” Major Korean broadcasting stations

Jeer behind the jolly –– Strikes at Korea's largest broadcasting stations

3 January 2018 – 2017 has been a tumultuous year for K-pop and more so for the Korean entertainment industry. Several major strikes have led to an almost complete shutdown for the biggest broadcasting stations in South Korea. While this would normally only affect the citizens of that country, the impact could be seen worldwide. After all,  Korea is one of Asia’s most prominent entertainment industries.

Popular shows such as ‘2 Days 1 Night’ and ‘Infinite Challenge have taken the back seat for extended periods. Other regular shows such as ‘Music Core’ and annual special broadcasts such as ‘Idol Athletics Championships’ were also canceled. International audiences would miss out on the giggles, but the employees who were part of the strikes protested for a greater cause. Their primary concerns lie with the current presidents of their respective companies, as well as alleged biased news reporting.

With effect from 13th November 2017, the president of MBC was forcefully removed from his position after an anonymous vote and they have been working towards recovery from the strike. KBS however, is still on an ongoing strike that has since lasted for 121 days.

But the change of leads only leads to a temporary solution. The biggest problems lie in the selection processes for the broadcasting station’s leaders. If the fundamental problem lies with the system, little can be done in the long run if this does not change. 

We hope that with these strikes, more can be done to protect journalists and entertainment content makers so that they can continue to make honest, ethical and unbiased content for all of us to enjoy.

Article by: Cass Zheng @ KAvenyou

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