[INTERVIEW] No more bungee jump for Eric Nam

It was a busy and exciting weekend for Korean-American heart-throb Eric Nam last weekend, as he met up with his Singapore fans on both Saturday and Sunday, at a public meet & greet session at IMM and fan meet at MediaCorp’s MES Theatre respectively.

Eric Nam was discovered after his Youtube cover went viral and was invited to Korea to compete on “Birth of a Great Star 2”. In a group interview with him before his public meet & greet, Eric Nam shared that he felt thankful when he was presented with the opportunity to compete on “Birth of a Great Star 2”.

Since his debut, he has experienced being both a host and a singer. Speaking on this, he said, “I show different sides of my personality when I’m doing different things. When I’m a singer, I am more energetic as I don’t have a team or a band. It’s more about myself and hence more exciting. On the other hand, when I’m a host, it’s more about my guest whom I’m talking to and it shows a more caring side of me.”

His career in Korea wasn’t without any challenges. Even though he has been in Korea for almost six years now, he is still adapting to the country’s culture. Said Eric Nam, “the toughest challenge is probably communication in Korea…. In terms of expression, there are different ways to talk to people, and I’m still learning how to express myself so that I don’t come across as disrespectful or get misunderstood.”

When asked what was the craziest thing he had ever done, he answered “skydiving” immediately, but after thinking for a few more seconds, he revealed that “bungee jumping” was the worst experience ever, and that he will NEVER do it again.

“Bungee jumping is absolutely the most terrifying thing… you are literally on a cliff and there’s nobody else. When they counted 3, 2, 1, I couldn’t (move). When they counted 3, 2, 1 again, I finally jumped and I thought I was going to die *laughs*. For skydiving, when I jump off the plane, someone is attached to me, so if I die, I die with someone,” he said jokingly.

During the interview, the charismatic singer-songwriter also mentioned that one charming attribute of him is that he makes people feel comfortable during conversations. Indeed, during the 15-minute interview, his answers were sincere, honest, and it felt like he was one of us when he described how much he hates cleaning, doing the dishes and working out, but has to do it nevertheless.

Although Eric Nam has returned to Korea, the good news for Eric Nam’s fans is that a duet is the works (he recorded it the day before he came Singapore!), and it might be released in the next month or so.

Do stay tuned to our coverage of “Eric Nam’s 1st Live in Singapore” fan meet!

Article by: Victoria @ KAvenyou
Official Photography: MODE Entertainment

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