Eric Nam: “Why would anyone want to do that?” #NOSLEEPNOFOMO

VIU presents "No Sleep No FOMO" #NOSLEEPNOFOMO

#NOSLEEPNOFOMO – Viu recently launched an original travel reality show where the hosts were challenged to complete a ‘FOMO’ list of tasks while touring around a random holiday destination. Here’s the catch – fans get to decide their fate through interactive polls on the show and the hosts’ official Instagram, AND they have to do it all within 60 hours. I mean, the name of the show is literally suggesting that the hosts probably won’t get any sleep, but I guess it’s all for a worthy cause of getting rid of the FOMOs.

For the benefit of the “not so young” or “young at heart”, FOMO really just means the Fear Of Mission Out; and the mental and emotional strain that it causes.

At the closed-door event held on 20 March, fans got to meet the casts which included Eric Nam (KR), Laureen Uy (PH), Paul Foster (SG), Alexander Lee Eusebio (KR), Nat Ho (SG), Kim Jong Kook (KR), Benjamin Kheng (SG) and Hana Tam (HK), who entered the grand yellow carpet on Vespa scooters. 

“Never in Korean showbiz have I stayed awake for 60 hours.”

Alexander Lee Eusebio

When asked about the most memorable moment of their experience in #NOSLEEPNOFOMO, Alexander disclosed that he has never had to stay awake for 60 hours, even during his time as a Korean idol. But now he says, he has no problem staying awake for 48 hours. Easy!

During the #ViuEngage segment, a fan asked Eric Nam on a superpower he would love to have. Eric replied, “The ability not to sleep”. Hmm is it just me or am I tempted to try not sleeping for a while?

“You don’t know what it’s like until you try it.”

Even for Kim Jong Kook, a known gym-buff and probably the strongest amongst the casts, shared that it was so difficult for him even though he only participated for 10 hours in the Hong Kong episode. 

“Really scary. That night, all the crew was gone. Just me and Paul. Dark. And dirty.” Hana said about her experience staying in a “haunted” hotel. “I (even) heard guys singing karaoke.” 

For Alexander who admitted that he can’t swim, his very first mission in the Philippines was to swim with the sardines. As Paul Foster said, “It was pretty ballsy of him.” And probably something the rest of us would never do if we couldn’t swim.

Would you do it again?

The cast were pretty split on whether to do it again with Hana with an adamant and firm “No.” while the rest were on the fence since they already had experienced it before. Eric Nam even responded to a similar question from the media, “I would have to mentally prepare myself more. And train myself. But Paul’s done 8 of these already, so I think I could do it again (with him). As tough as it was, we had a really great time. It’s a great way to see the world and see things.”

From the host of #NOSLEEPNOFOMO, Paul Foster “dares you to try it – completing 60 challenges in 60 hours. No sleep. No fomo. And Alexander did give us all a tip to conquer fear, “Whenever you want to do something fearful, just don’t sleep. Don’t sleep and when you get drowsy, that’s the time to do it.”

Viu’s Original Travel Reality show “No Sleep No FOMO” is premiering this Friday, 22 March at 8pm with subsequent episodes showing every Friday.

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