FT ISLAND enjoy an opportunity to be themselves in Paris

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FT Island at La Cigale

On January 16th, FT Island held a concert in La Cigale, Paris, followed by a showcase at La Maroquinerie, a more intimate venue.

Several weeks ago, Nous Productions announced a concert that many European Primadonnas were waiting for : a FT Island concert at La Cigale, a popular venue in Paris that opened in 1887. It was initially the only event planned in Paris. However, the tickets got sold-out quickly and FT Island decided to thank their fans with an intimate showcase at La Maroquinerie. A special event made for an audience of 500 fans and where FT Island could show a different side of them.

Hongki at La Cigale

The concert at La Cigale was part of their FTHX tour that has been held around Asia last year. However, the setlist has been slightly modified compared with their previous concerts from this tour. Because it was their first concert outside Asia, and the members wanted to adapt it to the french audience. Was it needed to adapt anything ? Not sure, as the European audience – a lot of nationalities could be seen in the queuing line – showed how much they loved FT Island by singing along with most of the songs.

When the setlist reached the “ballads session”, fans sang along very loudly. During Stay, they held “Always with FT ISLAND” banners. During Severely, they wouldn’t stop singing along, surprising Hongki who sometimes couldn’t hold his laughter.
But being FT ISLAND, there was more rock than ballads, with lyrics that everyone agreed with : Don’t stop the music, Let’s make it louder! […] Don’t stop this party, oh, no, no”

Jaejin and Seunghyun at La Cigale

This is as a way to stay true to these lines from their song “Freedom” that FT ISLAND started their showcase at La Maroquinerie, the next day. Wearing tour T-shirts and a beer in the hand, they came on the stage in a relaxed and natural way, going back to the days when they played covers in small venues.

Hongki said it both days : their purpose in Paris was to let go of the part of their image that might not be their real selves. Rather than charismatic superstars, they were a band of friends, enjoying the music (and a few beers) and sharing memories (and once again, a few beers) with their fans. Jonghoon’s bright smile, Minhwan’s cute fanservice, Jaejin’s and Seunghyun’s  carefree jumping… All five members created an opportunity for European fans to meet with the real FT ISLAND.

And when the time for the last song came, it once again seemed that it was more than just lyrics… On stage and in the audience, the first line of Stay sounded like a promise… “We don’t say goodbye anymore.”

Article and pictures : Céline @ KAvenyou


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3 thoughts on “FT ISLAND enjoy an opportunity to be themselves in Paris”

  1. The best report about those 2 concerts so far! Thank you very much!
    I enjoyed both and in my opinion the best part was their truthfulness~ They came to be themselves and they kept word! The beers (and whiskey offstage, thanks Leader-nim!) were only a little side of their carefree and spontaneous behavior during this showcase. Jumping, shooting, chatting, clapping hands with fans and smiling endlessly, they gave us their best time!
    I hope they’d like to come back for their next tour =)

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