Untying the "ribbons" of the APink 2015 calendar


My 2nd unboxing in 2 days, and the reason was clear why I am the one writing for my more favoured groups. Do not bash me for having my own preferences please (I’m sure all of you have preferences too). ><

I would consider 2014 a great year for APink, as although they have been growing in stature in the past few years; 2014 is the year I consider them as rising to prominence. Having launched 2 EPs, and showing a little bit more maturity in their usual bright and bubbly self with “Mr Chu” and “LUV”. The girls also made their debut in Japan, continue to entertain in variety programmes and dramas.

As usual, not going into any financials and purely from the angle of “eye-candiness” (quality of sweetness to your eyes). If my memory serves me well, APink never really had box-fulls of goodies in the form of a season’s greetings package. This year is no different, and that is why they call it a calendar and not season’s greetings. There was a little more effort this year with the addition of a what they call “Apink MINI NOTE”. It made me go “WOW! A MINI NOTE!”, but really… … not so exciting.

The photos maintained the usual youthful and casual look, but I do like this year more with the influence of bias-ness. Simply because they paired Eunji and Chorong together in a “woooohooo” out-of-bed pictorial. How great is that compared to the addition of a mini note. ^^

Let us take a look at what is there and you can decide whether to splash the cash.



Here is my favourite in FULL SIZE. I am bias on this for sure, bash me if you like, and I don’t care. =P


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