Learn how to mix & match Korean eye makeup looks!

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Hi, I’m back with a review of the Etude House Blend 4 Eyes palette! Got this a while ago from my ibuybeauti haul and now finally I’m reviewing it!

So I got it in 1. Dried Rose, 2 Orange Party and 3. Cozy Beige. According to Etude House global site this is a “4 color eye shadow palette that can mix and match for various eye looks by blending colors.”

The recommended application method would be to “Touch and layer colors onto eyelid using a finger or brush. Softly blend down to the lower lash line.”

First comment after using the shadows multiple times, i feel that the colours transfers better with fingers instead of brushes. Hence, application with fingers will give you better colour and control.


Let’s start with Dried Rose.

Dried rose has a beautiful bronze and burgundy red that gives you the perfect “Dohwa” eye look. By using burgundy red as point colour and the bronze shadow to smoke out the edges you can achieve the sultry look instantly.


Second on the list is Orange Party.

Obvious as the name goes, point color here is orange. This palette has a warm tone bronze that is very similar to Etude’s BR402 시럽빼고 테이크아웃 (a 국민 섀도우 “national shadow”) to compliment the point colour and a brown with gold shimmers to pull the whole look together.


Thirdly, we have Cozy Beige.

This is your typical daily bronzy and neutral palette that you can just whip out on lazy days. The combination of bronzy gold and reddish brown are suitable for girls of all types of skin tone.

Texture of shimmery shadows within these palettes are rather like hard pigments (due to the chunky shimmers) than the usual soft buttery eye shadows.

Overall, the palettes are pigmented when swatched with fingers, but when layering colours this eyeshadow does not blend easily, it will need a bit of work to get the second colour to show on top of the shimmery shadows.

If you are planning to get them hope this helps!

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Article by: Xiaowei @ KAvenyou

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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