[Paparazzi Monday] Running man venturing overseas (Hong Kong and Thailand) for Lunar New Year special

2 February 2015 – Welcome to our first column for KAvenyou Paparazzi Monday. News of the wildly popular running man members in various countries spreading on the social media sphere. Running man members pair up for games in multiple countries like Hong Kong and Thailand, where the members has been ridiculously popular. Rumours has it that Jeju is one of the filming locations as well, but we cannot be sure of that.

Gary and actress Kim Sung Ryung spotted in Thailand.



Asia prince Lee Kwang Soo arrived in Hong Kong with miss A’s Fei.



Yoo Jae Suk and Yeon Jung Hoon team up, seemingly still in Korea (Don’t quote us for it).



3 couples spotted, which are also the announced guests on this special episode. Where are the rest? Let the speculation start here… “RACE START!”

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Article by: James @ KAvenyou
Photos Credits: As per photos


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