5 Epic Kwang Soo Moments In “The Zone: Survival Mission”

No stranger to Korean variety, Lee Kwang Soo is undoubtedly a household name known for his comedic chops. In “The Zone: Survival Mission”, Kwangsoo, along with co-hosts Yoo Jae Suk and Kwon Yuri of Girls’ Generation, try to survive eight disaster-simulated spaces with a great mission to represent mankind. As the finale of the season approaches, let’s recall the top five Kwang Soo moments that left us in stitches:

1) When Kwang Soo Got Glued To The Floor

While crossing a super glue-doused floor in the Eye Zone, Kwang Soo made a clumsy slip which got him stuck to the ground. Covered in glue, he ripped his pants off and fumbled into a somersault to get out of his sticky situation – all to survive four hours in an abandoned winter-cold building!

2) When Kwang Soo Formed An Alliance For Laziness

Always one to enjoy a cheap thrill, Kwang Soo was thrilled when Jae Suk suggested a break from the heavy water lifting to rest in the hot sauna despite the ticking time bombs on their backs. Tuckered out, they struggled to get up and even resorted to slapping each other’s cheeks and wrestling on the floor for motivation to get back on their feet to complete their mission.

3) When Kwang Soo Tried To Get Bitten By Zombies

In the Virus Zone, the trio were transported to an ancient rural Korean village infested by “flesh-eating zombies” with a distinct appetite for good-looking people. Self-declaring that he was the most attractive male in the group, Kwang Soo assumed that he would be devoured by the zombies… but when he was locked out of the safehouse, the undead expressed disgust at his flesh, even after he shoved his hand into their mouths.

Well, guess he’ll be able to survive a zombie apocalypse well if they all have such an appetite!

4) When Kwang Soo Snatched A Packet Of Ramyeon From A Killer Clown

While seeking refuge from ghastly ghouls in a coat room, the hungry trio found a packet of ramyeon on the ground – Unbeknownst to them, the snack was actually used as bait. Awaiting them was a horrifying clown armed with a chopper!

Despite the attack, Kwang Soo and Jae Suk were still fixated on their ramyeon treat (we would for Korean ramyun too!), and tried to snatch it from the clown, leading to Jae Suk falling knee first into Kwang Soo, and kicking his bum after to distract him from the pain. Chaos is truly inevitable when the two are paired together!

5) When Kwang Soo’s Wine Got Stolen By a Dancer

In an effort to deter the three from staying seated in the Brain Zone, beautiful dancers sashayed into the arena while prancing to the Can-Can with one of them boldly taking a huge swig of Kwang Soo’s red wine. This left a priceless expression on Kwang Soo’s face, who was confused and baffled that a random person had stolen his drink.

With the last episode of “The Zone: Survival Mission” premiering on 13 October 2022 on Disney+, we know it’s going to be a laughing riot regardless of the outcome!

Meanwhile, catch up with the earlier episodes of “THE ZONE: Survival Mission” on Disney+.

Photo Credits: Disney+

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