[Techie Tuesday] You are invited to Samsung's new Galaxy flagship launch!


3 February 2015 – Launching this week, KAvenyou’s Techie Tuesday aims to bring you up-to-date news of tech launches, geek rantings and the occasional movie trailer breakdown!

In my first column, I’ll talk about the latest news from South Korea’s largest Chaebol, Samsung.

If you haven’t already heard, yes, Samsung are yet again releasing a new phone! With an invitation sent out and a release date set for 1st March 2015, many are speculating that the rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 will be the new flagship model the company is planning to unveil in Barcelona, Spain. A day ahead of the MWC Trade Show (Mobile World Congress). Now that is bold!

Samsung fans are probably looking forward to this as the invitation (below) shows a curved device. The new flagship device may even take on the looks of its’ predecessor, Note Edge, but that’s all I can say about my own speculation!


Since the Chaebol has been putting out metal casings and curved screens for their recent devices, it would seem likely that they follow in that direction for the new Galaxy flagship.

Stay tuned for more updates of the MWC Trade Show at KAvenyou’s Techie Tuesday! And if you have the time, do check out the Livestream for the event here.

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