BTS X JAMES JEAN: SEVEN PHASES EXHIBITION Lands in Science Centre Singapore as Part of Korea Festival

This December, Science Centre Singapore will be the venue for an unprecedented collaboration between internationally renowned 21st century pop icons BTS and acclaimed artist, James Jean in the [HYBE INSIGHT] BTS X JAMES JEAN: SEVEN PHASES EXHIBITION, a global travelling showcase coming to Singapore after completing their run in Frankfurt and Manila. This is part of a broader Korea Festival organised by K-Festival Co, Ltd and Snow City Singapore, from 16 December 2023 to 25 February 2024.

The Korea Festival is planned with four main mesmerising events; ‘K-Tech Expo’, ‘Twinkle: K-POP Goods Exhibition’, ‘K-POP Cover Dance Festival’ and ‘[HYBE INSIGHT] BTS X JAMES JEAN EXHIBITION (SEVEN PHASES)’. Apart from offering guests a chance to pay homage to pop icons BTS and purchase memorabilia from their favourite K-pop artistes, the festival’s K-Tech Expo will immerse the public in a showcase of future technology by Korean companies, such A.I., robots, and more!

K-Tech Expo

During the K-Tech Expo held from 19 December 2023 to 19 February 2024, Science Centre Singapore will be a catalyst for networking and collaboration as the expo will facilitate “business matching days”, fostering connections between companies, local buyers, and industry pioneers. At the expo, attendees will get to explore vibrant communities via the roster of exhibitors. This includes Tech companies like Infomining, a leading IT company specialising in AI-driven personalised healthcare solutions like ‘Hathi’ and ‘Mediwatch’, as well as ‘Connecdoc,’ an innovative real-time patient monitoring system measuring vital signs. Another company, Awesomepia, will showcase their live multi-complex culture contents platform featuring XR, VR, AR technologies.

Alongside K-Tech Expo, there will be a Singapore – Korea AI Ethics Symposium 2023 held on 19 December 2023 where distinguished Korean and Singaporean experts in their respective fields will offer a wealth of professional insights to enthusiasts of advanced science and technology. Attendees can seize invaluable opportunities to glean insights from these esteemed professionals, enriching their understanding of developed science technologies.

“We take immense pride in our collaboration with our Korean counterparts, jointly presenting a visionary display of cutting-edge technologies. Our aim is to ignite the imagination of our guests, urging them to envision and revel in the marvel of a future shaped by innovation. We believe in the transformative power of information exchange, embracing the opportunity to glean insights from trailblazers in the field. This showcase should serve more than an educational spectacle; it’s a testament to the Centre’s prowess in constantly pushing boundaries in the field of future technologies.”

– Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive of Science Centre Board

Twinkle: K-POP Goods Exhibition

As a special bonus, guests can shop to their hearts’ content for even more Korean favourites at the ‘Twinkle: K-POP Goods Exhibition’ from 19 December 2023 to 25 February 2024.

Admission to Singapore – Korea AI Ethics Symposium 2023, K-Tech Expo and Twinkle: K-POP Goods Exhibition is complimentary to the public.

Admission to [HYBE INSIGHT] BTS X JAMES JEAN: SEVEN PHASES EXHIBITION is available for purchase at and includes admission to Science Centre Singapore.

For further information and updates, please visit the official website.

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