Prepare Your Tissues for BTS’ New Documentary

Find out BTS’ thought process through their decade long history of achievements in their newest docu-series on Disney+, BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star

P.S. Spoilers ahead!

As an ARMY myself, the docu-series brought me through the five stages of grief. With the boys in the military, I was reminded of my own BTS journey while watching the show. Tears were shed, to say the least. It will give viewers raw insights of the band’s feelings, while they talked about topics they never shared in public.

Episode one brings viewers on a journey of the beginnings of their careers. ARMYs can expect special interviews with the band, with appearances from Bang PD and Myung Seok Kang – author of Beyond The Story – where they shared their own insights of the music industry, and memories with the band. The members mentioned the tough days they had to endure, from being compared to bigger agencies and the many other talented artistes in the industry. But with each other, they were able to hold on and push-through those days. 

Episode two journeyed viewers on the band’s step-by-step success. From their first ever concert in AX hall to the Olympics Gymnastics Stadium, they thought they’ve done it all as Korean artistes. They braved through the unreasonable controversies with ARMYs by their side and thought they had reached the top. That was until they got the call from BBMAs, and from there, many routes opened for them and the people after them. As their fame shot up exponentially in a short period of time, they felt fear from being overwhelmed. With no seniors to receive advice from, they felt alone and thought of quitting.

This is THE docu-series ARMYs cannot miss. I was surprised at how in-depth and honest this docu-series goes. The topics the band talked about were hush-hush topics within the fandom as they were bad memories we don’t rehash. Hearing them talk about it showed how aware they were of the situations then, and that they did all they could to keep ARMYs happy – this tugged the heartstrings, of me at least, as it reminded me once again that BTS and ARMYs truly only have each other at the end of the day. 

Don’t miss out on this ARMYs, BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star is available exclusively only Disney+. Prepare your tissues as you go along the episodes #Borahae!

Article by: Guan @ KAvenyou

Docuseries “BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star” to Showcase Band’s Emotional 10 Year Journey

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