[Paparazzi Corner] How to catch a top class concert at a budget in Singapore and Malaysia

16 March 2015, Singapore – Formula One (F1) gets back to action in Australia the past weekend, and race fans will be at their feet with all the adrenaline and excitement. It featured the resurgent of Ferrari, a subdued Red Bull (without wings for sure), a dominant Mercedes and the strugglers McLaren fitted with a returning Honda engine. Worse still, only 11 finishers with the rest out for engine failures, crashes and pit-lane failures.


However, the major fanfare will be the announcement by the Malaysia Formula 1 race organisers that top Korean acts Girls’ Generation and SHINee will headline their post-race concert. With the Malaysia race attendance dropping, the organisers seems to be pulling all gimmicks to bring the attendance back. Perhaps contradicting, but catching a top class act during a Formula 1 race weekend; often associated with glamour and wealthy people is probably the best way to stretch your dollar.


In recent years, or since the beginning where Formula 1 first came to Singapore, there has been great emphasise in offering an entire suite of entertainment for the race fanatics. The race organisers has been offering top global and regional acts at the race, with Singapore inviting Jennifer Lopez, Robbie Williams and Mayday in 2014. If you look at such top acts’ concert tickets costing you no less than SG$200, going to the Formula 1 race for all 3 days at about SG$228 for 3 days is a steal. I am pretty sure this is true even if you are not an F1 fan.


If we look back at the Malaysia race, a minimum of a 2-hour concert with Girls’ Generation and SHINee (featuring top Korean DJ Hitchhiker) for a mere RM$80 is ridiculously cheap. Even in Singapore, they announced headliners includes Pharrell Williams and Maroon 5; while the performer for Sunday has yet to be announced. The 3-day walkabout that will give you access to the concert grounds is still at SG$228. Rest assured that the quality of the concerts are top class with a global event like the Formula One races.

Details for Malaysia Formula 1 Concerts:
1. Girls’ Generation’s Flower Power set to thrill fans at the F1 post-race concert in Malaysia
2. SHINee announced to join Girls’ Generation as joint headliners at Sepang Formula 1 after-race concert

Details for Singapore Formula 1 Updates:
2015 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix

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