[DRAMA] Top 3 dramas by Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) in 2015!


Tiffany Tang (唐嫣), pronounced at Tang Yan and also known as Tang Tang, was born on 6th December 1983 in Shanghai and graduated from Central Academy of Drama (中央戏剧学院) in Beijing in 2006. In her early thirties but looked nothing more than twenties, Tiffany has been active in the drama scene since 2005 till date with at least 2 drama series every year. 2015 has been a pretty busy year for Tiffany given that we are only 3 months through the year and she has already released 3 drama series (which will be introduced later in the post)





 1. My Sunshine (何以笙箫默)

A 40 episodes modern romance drama series revolves around Zhao Mo Sheng (starred by Tiffany Tang) and He Yi Chen (starred by Wallace Chung (钟汉良)). In the midst of the rocky phase of the couple’s journey, Mo Sheng was left with no choice but to behind everything behind and move to the United States without knowing her father’s intention. Leaving her crush-turned-boyfriend Yi Chen behind with their unsettled dispute caused by Yi Mei (Yi Chen’s non-biological sister), whom intentionally stirred up a misunderstanding between the couple.

Mo Sheng returns to her home country 7 years later to start afresh, accompanied by a coincidental encounter with Yi Chen at a supermarket and greeting with nothing but a cold shoulder. While things started to get better, Mo Sheng broke the news to Yi Chen that she was married in the States.

Why did Mo Sheng’s father send her to the states and how is he linked to the couple’s misunderstanding? Why did Mo Sheng get married in the States when she still loved Yi Chen? Will the two love birds made it though this time?  Discover the answers through the episodes!

* The drama originated from the same-title novel written by Gu Man (顾漫).
(Click here to read the novel online.)


Taking a change in her usual long and wavy hair, Tiffany surprised the netizens this time with a refreshing chin-length hair. Away from fanciful outfits, Tiffany still brought out the character well! With a little monochrome concept in her outfits throughout the series, you might want to take one or two inspiration from her outfit coordination!



2. The Lady and The Liar (千金女賊)

Said to be set in the 1930’s in Shanghai, Tiffany was casted as Jiang Xin in “The Lady and The Liar” alongside with Hawick Lau (刘恺威) as Bai Zheng Jie, Tony Yang (楊祐寧) as Sheng Jie Wen and Yang Rong (杨蓉) as Du Xiao Han.

Grown up in poverty, Jiang Xin earned a living as a street entertainer and magician with her father and a pet monkey. With a deep dislike for people in the underground businesses, Jiang Xin’s impression of Bai Zheng Jie being a life savior immediately went down the drain after being experiencing a gun fight between him and his assassinates. Despite being newly attached with Sheng Jie Wen, a blind young master of a fallen family, Bei Zheng Jie did not stop his pursuit of Jiang Xin after numerous rejections. Feeling weak and helpless, Sheng Wen Jie when headed overseas to seek treatment for his eyes and promise to marry Jiang Xin when he returns.

Jiang Xin was discovered to be the long-lost daughter of a rich family of another state after she went to the pawn shop to exchange her coin pendant for money to treat her father’s illness. Of which the house-keeper then arranged for Jiang Xin to return back to reunite with her biological family. Du Xiao Han, who happened to be on the same train as Jiang Xin after running away from her debtors, impersonated Jiang Xin to reunite with the rich family and successfully became the missy (千金).

When fate arranged for Bai Zheng Jie to find Jiang Xin unconscious with a loss of memory after a train accident, Bai Zheng Jie took Jiang Xin home to recuperate without hesitation. It would be the perfect chance to manipulate Jiang Xin’s memory and trick her into believing she was in love with him.

Who is Du Xiao Han and why did she impersonate Jiang Xin? Did Bai Zheng Jie choose love over honesty? What happens when Sheng Jie Wen returns from his treatment, how is he going to find Jiang Xin since he couldn’t see her last time? What happens when Jiang Xin slowly regained her past memory, will she forgive him for cheating her?

The series will set you chasing for the truth in the 46 episodes series! The endless plot twist will set you raging and tearing for sure.

 *Click here to be directed to “The Lady and The Liar” Official Facebook Page


Tiffany was mostly donned in elegant gowns and lacy dresses accompanied with glamorous accessories. There was also instances when she cross-dressed to be a men to work in a magazine firm, of which she met Sheng Jie Wen during her memory loss.



3.  Legend of Fragrance (活色生香)

Dated way back in the ancient times where Chinese Fragrances was one of the most prestigious money-making business, “Legend of Fragrance” revolves around the three biggest fragrance-making families – The Ning, The Wen and The An Family. Tiffany was casted as the main female lead ‘Le Yan’ alongside with Li Yi Feng (李易峰)  as ‘Ning Zhi Yuan’ the young master of the Ning Family. For a full list of the casts, click here to read more.

Having quite a number of casts with equally important roles in the story plot, it would take a long time to write down in detail. In short, the series mainly focused on investigating the mastermind behind the crazy idea of making fragrances from young ladies’ body scent and battling against the Japanese fragrance merchants who planned to sweep out the Chinese merchants in the Fragrance industry to compete in the Intentional Fragrance competition.

Watch how love unfolds between the youngsters of the three families and how the past hatred from the past falls upon the younger generation. Love versus Revenge, how would the characters deal with the consequences of their choices? Find out from the 46 episode series!


未命名3 Well, before you know it we have come to the end of the feature!

If you’ve watched the above 3 dramas, do let us know how you find it in the comment section below! Alternatively, if you have been her fan since debut, tell us which is your favourite drama by Tiffany!

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* On the side note, Tiffany was once a singer too! Watch her 《我透明》 MV here!

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