[COVERAGE] Wanna One talks about their personalities and more!

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WANNA ONE, the 11 boys formed by popular reality show, Produce 101 (Season 2) was in Singapore last weekend for their Wanna Be Loved Fan Meeting!

Despite releasing their debut album 1×1=1 (To Be One) only last month, the group has already won countless music shows and even scored their first rookie award at @ Soribada Best K Music Awards 2017.
Donned in black suits, the WANNAONE boys greeted the media and 50 lucky fans in a private press conference in the afternoon. Having arrived the day before, the WANNAONE members definitely looked ENERGETIC for the day as they revealed that they had their own room the night before, unlike in Korea where they have to share rooms.
We are glad to find out that they could find time to try out some Singaporean food! Jisung chose Chilli Crab as his favourite dish and shared that they have yet to try Hainanese Chicken Rice, a local dish recommended by the emcee.
The members recently had a 3-day break from their busy schedule and they revealed that they spent the time on their different hobbies – sleeping, playing games and catching up with popular dramas! Daehwi also shared that he is currently writing a song together with Jaehwan and Daniel. With Daehwi’s exceptional talent (as revealed in Produce 101), we are pretty sure that the song will be a big hit. Let’s look forward to it!
When asked about their emotional moments, Minhyun said that it was during the debut stage, which was the season finale for Produce 101, as it was filmed live. Jihoon added on and said that every single moment is emotional to him as the fans show a lot of support for them!
To answer the question on what they do after their schedules, they revealed that they often order food to eat at night. The emcee was a little surprised at the answer, wondering how could they eat and yet maintain their figure. Daehwi replied candidly saying that because they practice hard, they can eat. Now we know the secret behind Daehwi‘s slim waist =p
Guanlin had an opportunity to display his trilingual abilities (English, Mandarin & Korean) when the emcee asked him a question in mandarin – What is your toughest and most enjoyable moment in the group. Guanlin, replying in mandarin, said that the toughest part for him would be the language (korean) and the most enjoyable moment was that he could be together with the other 10 members.
The last section of the press conference was pretty fun as the members had to vote for the ‘best’ and the ‘worst’ member of a particular trait. It was fun to see that the votes were pretty consistent, which only shows that the boys know each other very well! .
Woojin was voted to be the most energetic member among the group of 11. They revealed that he plays a lot of pranks and that he like to shout. The member that was voted least energetic was Guanlin and Daehwi. Guanlin admits that he likes to have his own space when he rests while Daehwi says that he prefers talking to people on a one to one basis, as compared to being in a large group.
The boys also used the opportunity to thank the fans for supporting them!
KAvenyou would like to thank IME Production Singapore for the invite to WANNA ONE Wanna Be Loved Fan Meeting in Singapore
Article by: Jiayu @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Candy & Jiayu @ KAvenyou

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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