DOTS OST: ‘Always’, who sung it better?

With the rise of popular Korean drama, “Descendants of the Sun”, even though the drama has ended a while ago, there is no doubt that at any mention of “Yoo Sijin” is enough to send girls into a screaming frenzy.

(Sijin: I can find a way to drink...)
(Sijin: I can find a way to drink…)

Let’s not forget the famous “Wine Kiss” scene that had girls holding wine bottles and dreaming that a Yoo Sijin would snatch it away fro- Okay maybe that was a little far-fetched. But hey, if you were a DOTS fan, you can’t deny that you’ve had some sort of Captain Yoo fantasy floating around somewhere in your subconscious.

Descendants of the Sun OSTs has made its way up charts ever since it was released on various music sites and no doubt one of it’s most popular songs ‘Always’ was covered by various people on YouTube. What I find unique about this song is how it cleverly makes use of the deep voice in the first verse but slowly brings its way up to a beautiful falsetto that gives the kind of soft romantic feel to it. Here are two covers and maybe you can decide who sung it better. Or is the original one still the best?

1. Always covered by Tookta Jamaporn

2. Always covered by Magarita

Which do you think was better? 1 or 2? What I found amazing about these two different covers was the impeccable pronunciation and enunciation of lyrics despite both of them not being Korean. Covers are an interesting way of seeing how one song can be interpreted and delivered in different ways when sung by different people. It can also bring a new dimension to the song and sometimes the covers of the songs become more popular than the original version itself.

For novelty’s sake, here is another version sung in Chinese by Singaporean singer Kelly Poon. Her version went viral immediately after it was released and you will be able to see why yourself below!

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