Movie: HK Forbidden Super Hero 1 & 2 Marathon Screening on 23 July 2016!

HK Forbidden Super Hero_Marathon Screening

By popular demand, Encore Films will be organising a marathon screening of HK FORBIDDEN SUPER HERO 1 & 2 for fans on Saturday, 23 July from 2.30pm onwards. You will be the first to catch the sequel and relive the heroic deeds of Hentai Kamen in this special screening. In addition, you also take home a limited edition HK Forbidden Superhero: The Abnormal Crisis movie poster and a cute panty. This screening is available for those aged 21 & above.

Born from a masochist father and sadist mother, the pervert bloodline runs strong in student Kyosuke Shikijo (Ryohei Suzuki 铃木亮平). His pervert abilities rise to maximum potential when he dons a special panty mask from his love interest Aiko Himeno (Fumika Shimizu 清水富美加), enabling him to transform into his heroic alter ego—Forbidden Super Hero.

Panic rises in Japan as panties all around the country are disappearing. Kyosuke continues to fight crime, under the guise of the Forbidden Super Hero with Aiko’s panties as his mask and source of power. With mixed feelings, Aiko asks Kyosuke to return her panties, and the couple gradually grows distant. Furthermore, Aiko seems to grow closer to their college classmate Tadashi Makoto (Yuya Yagira 柳乐优弥), who harbours a crush on her.

One day, Aiko is captured by supervillain Tamao Ogane (Tsuyoshi Muro室毅), who openly challenges the Forbidden Super Hero. Meanwhile, the crisis of the disappearing panties is also nowhere near to being solved. Kyosuke must now fight his most powerful enemy to save the woman he loves, and also to regain the panties for women everywhere.

Event Details:
HK Forbidden Super Hero Marathon Screening
Sat, 23 Jul 2016
Time: 2.30pm to 6.45pm (with 20 mins intermission)
Venue: GV Plaza @ Plaza Singapura
Ticket Price: $35 (includes a limited edition HK Forbidden Superhero: The Abnormal Crisis movie poster & a cute panty)

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