[TRANSLATION] What Joongki Really Wants To Tell You

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(Screen Cap: Descendants of The Sun)

We were all met with the blissful news that the leads of the popular Korean drama, Descendants of The Sun are getting married in October!

News broke early this morning that Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-gyo are getting married in October this year. Joongki released a personal message addressed to his fans via Blossom Entertainment’s Facebook page in the late afternoon.


Here’s the translation to the lengthy post:

“Hello I’m Joongki. I’m greeting everyone after a long time. The reason why it took so long for me to greet you is because you guys are the people I would like to first receive congratulatory wishes from.

Although I’m more nervous than ever, I’d like to greet you guys with all of my sincerity. Recently I’ve managed to take part in great productions and thanks to the overwhelming love I’ve received from everyone, it has been an overwhelming and happy period of time. During those days, I’ve made a precious friend and after confirming our feelings for each other, we’ve become lovers. Together with the new year 2017, we’ve promised to spend the rest of our life together by making up for each other’s shortcomings with love and to overcome difficulties that may come.

To start our new life, I’ll be having a marriage ceremony on the last day of October 2017 with Song Hye-kyo. The sudden news must have shocked the many people who love me. I wanted to quickly let you guys know about the news but since this also concerns our families, I had to take in the opinions of everyone into consideration respectfully.

Looking forth, there will be a movie premiere that many people have worked on with passion and hard work and I didn’t want to give them trouble due to my personal issues. Please look upon my shortcomings with a magnanimous heart. I’m reminded of the mindset I had when I first started acting. As I mature in my career, I would like to be a star that can journey alongside everyone as well as be a friendly and warm personality.

I promise to live up to these responsibilities. I’ve heard a quote that says that life isn’t about how fast you go but where you go. I’ve been going quite fast and as a result overlooked some of the scenery but now I’m going to go slower and wiser. I hope everyone can support the values I uphold. I will continue to be true to my beliefs and perform my duties as both a cool actor and reliable family-man. I hope you can support the two of us in this relationship. Thank you.”

Seems like all the speculation did amount to something! Congratulations to all the Song-Song couple shippers! Tough luck Joongki fans! Your man is now taken. His personable and honest message reflects his humble stance as a renowned actor which is respectable considering his large following so I hope you don’t feel too disappointed just yet. Good news is, we’ll all be able to see Joongki back on the screens real soon!

We send our sincere wishes for the couple to have a blissful marriage!

Article & Translation by: Cass Zheng @ KAvenyou

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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