[COVERAGE] CN Blue ‘Between Us’ Live in Singapore


CN Blue was back on the sunny shores of Singapore for a concert, as a part of their ‘Between Us’ Asia tour. Last Saturday’s concert marks the first stop of their tour and they are currently planned to play in five other Asian cities such as Jakarta, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


16 months after their last concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, much has changed this time round. Apart from playing at a substantially smaller venue and to a smaller crowd, the band seems to have upped their ante by having a much more extensive and experimental set which included songs all except one song from their latest album 7°CN.


Their latest album took an experimental twist by incorporating their regular pop rock with synth sounds –– A brave move employed by a band that has already established their own unique colour in the industry. This change in direction seems to have influenced their choice in the songs in the concert setlist and presentation.



To the relief of loyal fans and concert-goers, CN Blue managed to maintain their original sound and give it a fresh twist with a new genre they created for themselves.



Speaking in perfect English, Jungshin said that they put a lot of effort into the setlist and they hope everyone present would enjoy it.


This is evident as they kickstarted the concert with the song ‘Radio’ from their album ‘2gether’, which they gave special mention to at their previous concert. Leader Yonghwa said previously that radio is something that is well received by people of all ages. Which is probably why this was chosen as the starting song –– With the hopes that CN Blue will continue to stay relevant and enjoyed by people of all ages even as time passes.

Other than the chart-toppers such as “I’m Sorry”, “Can’t Stop” and “Love”, Singaporean BOICEs are privileged to be the first crowd outside of Seoul to hear ‘When I Was Young’, ‘Between Us’, ‘Manito’, ‘Royal Rumble’ and ‘It’s You’ live. ‘Wake Up’ marked the climax of the concert as the song went along with as much as 4 encores!


It was definitely no regular concert as the boys went to town with their improved English, newly learned Singlish phrases such as “shiok” and “wahlau” and leader Yonghwa went as far as to saying, “Jonghyun, you introduce (the next song) lah!”


The concert ended on a high with their song “Young Forever”, with Yonghwa adopting his meta persona by saying, “we’ll stay forever young tonight”.


All in all, this concert has well exceeded the bar set by its previous one and if you ever get a chance, you should definitely catch one of South Korea’s most acclaimed idol bands live.

KAvenyou would like to extend our thanks to IME Asia for the media invitation.

You can find more photos taken at the concert on the KAvenyou Facebook Page here.


Set List

  1. Radio
  2. When I Was Young
  3. Domino
  4. I’m Sorry
  5. Can’t Stop
  6. It’s You
  7. Love Girl
  8. Sweet Holiday
  9. Lie
  10. Blind Love
  11. Royal Rumble
  12. In My Head
  13. You’re So Fine
  14. Face To Face
  15. Wake Up
  16. Feeling
  17. Coffee Shop
  18. Cinderella
  19. Between Us


  1. Catch Me
  2. Manito
  3. Young Forever


Article by: Cass @ KAvenyou

Photography by: Beatrice @ KAvenyou & Cass @ KAvenyou

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