[COVERAGE] Jung Yong Hwa: "Today it was a One Fine Day because of You!"

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2 June 2015, Singapore – Fans definitely went through a One Fine Day (Night) with Jung Yong Hwa as he sang a total of 17 songs for his One Fine Day Concert that was held over the weekend at Star Vista Performing Arts Theatre.

Also known as the main vocalist for CN Blue, Yonghwa recently debuted with a solo album, One Fine Day that has received much love and support from the fans.

Yonghwa started his concert with the song “Without You” followed by “Cruel Memories” as he appeared in chic black outfit and a sleek white mic stand that has his logo attached to it.


Besides performing songs like “Checkmate“, “Last Leaf“, “Like A Child“, “Energy” and “Mileage“, that are from his first album, Yonghwa also sang his own version of “Payphone” and “Treasure” by Maroon 5 and Brunos Mars respectively and it made the fans groove along with him.

“Hello Singapore! Are you having fun my babeh? I love you!” The frontman of CN Blue was really ecstatic and excited as he tried to converse with the Singapore fans in English.

Not forgetting hit songs from his group such as “I’m Sorry” and “Can’t Stop“, Yonghwa perfectly performed a rock version of the songs in a medley with his live band that made the audience stand and rock out with him!


One Fine Day concert ended on a good note as Yonghwa sang “Star You“, “Love Light” and “One Fine Day”.

Thank you Singapore! It was a great time with you! Thank you! I promise I will come back with a bigger concert! Today is a One Fine Day because of you!”

With the live band performing and our charismatic young man from Busan who performed a variety of genres ranging from ballad to jazz and even rock, the fans definitely had a rolling good time at his concert!


KAvenyou would like to thank DATZ Entertainment for the invite to Jung Yong Hwa One Fine Day Concert in Singapore.

Check out KAvenyou‘s Facebook Page for more photos of the event!

Article & Photography by: Xiaosi @ KAvenyou

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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1 thought on “[COVERAGE] Jung Yong Hwa: "Today it was a One Fine Day because of You!"”

  1. Yes, I have a fabulous time at Jung Yong Hwa “One Fine Day” concert. Totally enjoyable with his beautiful vocals, his own wonderful song compositions, great music and awesome stage presence. Indeed, it was a ONE FINE DAY with Jung Yong Hwa. Love it and hope he comes again soon.

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