INTERVIEW – BOYFRIEND talk about world tour, projects and fans


Recently, Korean group Boyfriend had a world tour that included Latin America and Europe. Between these two continents they took some time to answer our questions.

In March 2015, BOYFRIEND released a mini-album entitled Wonderland, a word that often refers to a place where beautiful and magical things. Between their domestic success and the cheers they receive from fans worldwide, we wanted to know if the members felt like they’re living in Wonderland.

Donghyun: “Yes! I feel like I’m living in a wonderland! Honestly, I am very thankful and happy to be going on a world tour and receiving plenty of support from fans all over the world.”

Youngmin: “Until now, there are still times we cannot believe that we are having a world tour. Last week, we had our Latin America leg of the world tour and we were deeply moved by the many fans who came to the concert. We are always thankful.”

Despite being in wonderland, success doesn’t come without any efforts, and a tour would require hard work. How did they prepare for this tour?

Hyunseong: “After the concert in Korea last November, we kicked off the world tour in April, beginning from Taiwan. While having our activities in Korea, we also continuously prepared for the world tour. As we are visiting many countries for the first time, all of us prepared (for the world tour) cheerfully.”

Minwoo: “There is no particular differences between the preparation process for domestic activities and overseas activities. As a group, the members contribute ideas and practise hard… honestly we are very happy to be meeting all our fans from all over the world.”

You could believe one of BOYFRIEND’s struggle is to jungle between the cute image they had for their debut and the more mature image they have started to develop. However, being both cute and manly seems to come pretty naturaly for the members and their worries where somewhere else.

Jeongmin: “For this world tour, Boyfriend’s manly and cute images will all be revealed! A variety of boyfriends’ charms will be completely shown as it is. Please look forward to it.”

Kwangmin: “There will be stages showing strong manliness like Bounce, Witch and Obsession, and there will also be stages like Boyfriend and Love Style that will show our cute images during our early days. There are many special stages that can be seen at the concert, so please come to the concert. It will be really interesting!”

Hyunseong: “As we are going to many places for the first time, the fans may have huge expectations from us! When we visited Latin America, we were shocked by the very passionate fans. Before the concert started, they were singing our songs and we were very impressed by their cheerings.”

Kwangmin: “As this is a world tour, we were worried about jet lag. As the flight time is long, we were concerned about not getting tired physically. However, we were very happy that fans came to the airport to support us, and we look forward to the remaining tour.”

There is one last thing we were curious about this tour. The members have already visited many countries and there are still a few they have to discover. As “BOYFRIEND”s, where would they like to have a date with their dream girl? However it seems like the place doesn’t really matter to them.

Donghyun: “It is really tough to only pick one country so for various countries… I want to have a date in each country for a day.”

Youngmin: “I think it is also hard for me to select one country. I want to enjoy looking at the scenery while having a date country by country.”

BOYFRIEND recently celebrated their 4th anniversary with fans which also means they will soon reach their 5th year since debut. It is an important milestone for a group. What are their projects now this tour ended? What would they like to try out?

Jeongmin: “We want to show the side of us continuously working hard. Also after this tour… how great would it be if I can produce a song for Boyfriend to sing. I have to work hard.”

Minwoo: “I honestly cannot believe that we have already debuted for almost 5 years. I feel that as an idol group, the stance of working hard as always is the most important. After the world tour ends, it seems like each member will be having many solo activities. We hope to show all our fans a new side of us.”

Donghyun: “Producing! I hope that the song that me and Jeongmin-nie have written will appear in Boyfriend’s album.”

Hyunseong: “I want to challenge the various fields that I have not challenged until now. Musicals or variety will be good.”

Jeongmin: “Producing is also on the first place of my list! I hope to show my charming side as a composer.”

Youngmin: “Firstly, I want to work hard for upcoming drama.”

Kwangmin: “I want to release a rap album. I also hope to write many lyrics.

Minwoo: “I want to challenge various fields like acting and variety. I have many things I hope to do.”

Until they move on to these new projects, here is a message from BOYFRIEND, for both fans they met through their current tour and those who unfortunately can’t attend this time. 

Donghyun: “Thank you for giving us plenty of love all the time. We will continue to visit various countries in the future!”

Hyunseong: “We always gain strength from the support given from everyone. We will continue to show our better side so please forward to it.”

Jeongmin: “We love everyone! The concert will be really interesting!”

Youngmin: “We are always thankful and we love everyone. Please give lots of love to Boyfriend in the future too.”

Kwangmin: “You don’t know how much strength we have received from everyone who has been always supporting us from afar. For the fans that we did not manage to visit this time, we will be sure to visit them the next time. Please wait for us!”

Minwoo: “We will visit places wherever the fans live at, so please wait for us. I love you!!”

We would like to thank BOYFRIEND for answering our questions, and Kanzen Music, organisers of the Europe tour.

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