[DRAMA] Dai Xiang Yu returns to screen with Chinese drama "Shan Liang Ming Tian (闪亮茗天)"

“Shan Liang Ming Tian (闪亮茗天)” Official Poster


Better known as Dai Yang Tian (戴阳天), the 30 year-old China-born and formerly Singapore-based actor is now known as Dai Xiang Yu (戴向宇) after changing his name back in 2013. Managed by Mediacorp in Singapore and recently contracted with Mango Entertainment in China, Dai Xiang Yu previously bagged several awards at the Star Awards during his active years in Singapore – Best Newcomer in 2009, Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste in 2010 and 2013.

Shifting his focus onto the China market, Dai Xiang Yu has then been active in a handful of web dramas and movies after he was at his lowest during the initial 2 years prior his return to China – of which he acted in the latest Hollywood movie “Lost In The Pacific” where he plays a co-pilot. Click here to watch the trailer for “Lost In The Pacific”. It was reported that he did not receive any acting offers during the first two years after returning to China.

This issue of drama review, KAvenyou features Dai Xiang Yu and the recent Chinese drama “Shan Liang Ming Tian (闪亮茗天)” which is currently airing. The drama revolves around two brothers who are not blood-related and a girl who’ve lost her father since young, linking them together with nothing but Tea Art. Featuring Zhu Zi Xiao (朱梓骁) as the male lead Tang Zheng Hao (唐正浩), Pan Zhi Lin (潘之琳) as female lead Du Xin Yu (杜心羽) and Dai Xiang Yu (戴向宇) as second male lead Cheng Feng (成峰).

(L-R) Zhu Zi Xiao, Pan Zhi Lin, Dai Xiang Yu



Take a sneak peak of the drama series in the above trailer and decide if you’ll add that onto your to-watch-list or not. Before Cheng Feng could rejoice after reuniting with his university junior cum crush Du Xin Yu as she embarks on her Tea Art learning journey, he was shocked to find out that she was enemy-turned-friends and group mate with his step  brother Tang Cheng Hao – whom he obviously was not on good terms with. Cheng Feng unconditionally helps Du Xin Yu in her pursuit to compete to be the winner in the Tea Art competition, will he be the ultimate winner of Du Xin Yu’s heart? Well, a little spoiler to let you know that you’ll be welcome with visual treats of Dai Xiang Yu‘s abs and some boxing skills in the first episode.




After taking a good look at the drama’s official Weibo, there are hardly any mentions of Dai Xiang Yu – but we still managed to gather a handful of drama stills for you! Above are the few pictures of Dai Xiang Yu amongst the many, many official pictures of the drama. Unlike the typical drama where both the first and second male leads receive an almost equal amount of attention and mentions, this series might just turn out to be different from the others. Frankly speaking, Dai Xiang Yu is pretty much under-mentioned in this case with most of the focus placed on the on-screen couple Zhu Zi Xiao and Pan Zhi Lin.

Zhu Zi Xiao and Pan Zhi Lin

Putting all aside, fans of Dai Xiang Yu will definitely be happy to see him back on the screens. We would like to wish him all the best in his career and hopefully more drama series and movies to come in near future. If you’ve missed his husky voice, watch the cast interview where Dai Xiang Yu introduces his role as Cheng Feng. Tell us what you think about “Shan Liang Ming Tian (闪亮茗天)” in the comments section after you’ve watched!



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