W24 to tour Europe as a proof that they’re “Born Again”

W24 is a K-POP band that that consists of four members. The group’s name means “World 24 Hours”, which is perfectly fit for a band with a rising international audience.

Jong Gil, Ho Won, Yun Soo, and Aaron have have debuted in May 2018 with the release of their first digital single album [Love me] and have continued to actively release new music. Through the release of songs such as ‘Fine,’ ‘My universe,’ ‘Revelations,’ and ‘Voyager,’ they continue to garner a dedicated fan base both domestically and internationally.

Through their upcoming Europe tour “2024 Born Again Tour in Europe,” Jong Gil, Ho Won and Yun Soo will showcase their powerful and positive energy, which they are well known for. Aaron, who enlisted earlier this year, won’t attend the tour. The three members are expected to deliver a new level of performance and entertainment to their fans in Europe. The tour is scheduled to cover multiple countries including Netherlands, Germany, France, Greece, Hungary, Poland, and Czech.

As they embark on their Europe tour, fans can anticipate the chance to witness W24’s live performances and connect with the members on a personal level during the fan meet and greet. With their growing discography and fanbase, W24 is undoubtedly making their mark as a dynamic K-POP band group in the global music scene.

Tickets are available on :

Ticket Kpop: https://ticketkpop.com/ 

Eventim: https://www.eventim-light.com/de/a/5b4c9e8062acc40001b2cd5a 

With the increasing popularity of korean bands, W24’s concert is definitely a show that fans are looking forward to as a fun way to begin the upcoming year.

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