Jung Woosung & Shin Hyunbeen Explain How They Express Their Love Without Words at “Tell Me That You Love Me” Press Conference

Tell Me That You Love Me is Disney+‘s latest romantic K-drama which is an exciting retelling of a beloved Japanese classic, starring Jung Woosung (The King, Hunt) as a deaf artist Cha Jinwoo and Shin Hyunbeen (Hospital Playlist, Reborn Rich, Reflection of You) as a struggling actor Jung Moeun. The series is directed by Director Kim Younjin (Our Beloved Summer).

When struggling actor Jung Moeun gets fired after just one day on set, she finds herself at the start of a series of chance encounters with Cha Jinwoo, a talented deaf artist. As the pair continue to bump into each other, their connection grows stronger, with the pair realizing that love can be expressed in more ways than just through words, and that there are certain sounds that you can only hear with your heart. In Tell Me That You Love Me audiences will experience a love story unlike any other as viewers begin to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Jung Woosung shared during the press conference that it has been 11 years since his last romance drama and was curious and cautious on how viewers would react to his new drama.

The 2 main leads communicate in sign language most of the time, and Shin Hyunbeen shared that her character Jung Moeun finds herself picking up sign language to communicate with Cha Jinwoo.

Shin Hyunbeen felt that facial expression is important since emotions could not be expressed through words most of the time in this drama and it was truly a new experience for her. Jung Woosung faced difficulties on set if he has a lot of dialogue in sign language. In his head he would be thinking about the dialogue as well as the sign language. Some parts of it was challenging and sometimes he would need to use sign language concurrently while thinking of what he is doing next. This is definitely a new experience for him, a new language that uses his body to express himself.

Tell Me That You Love Me is a 16 episode drama where the main characters won’t be speaking much throughout the show and when Director Kim was first offered the director role of this drama, it scared him and he wanted to avoid it. However, on the other hand he wanted to direct something different. He felt like this is a challenge for him that made his heart race, it was daunting and that is why he was drawn to this drama even more. 

The actors also shared that when filming started for the drama, the lack of audio from main leads was not biggest issue. It was about expressing the emotions. When a person have feelings for someone, it is about wanting to deliver that message.

Catch Tell Me That You Love Me now on Disney+ as we watch how Cha Jinwoo and Jung Moeun‘s feelings blossoms for each other without words.

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