TOPP DOGG tour Europe and prove they're more than rookies now

Topp Dogg Europe tourAs Topp Dogg are getting ready to celebrate their 700th day since debut, they just proved they are now a fully-experienced group and can easily hype up foreign crowds.

Topp Dogg started touring Europe on September, 3rd and went on with concerts in London and Paris. This tour was probably a challenge to them : with no recent release and being still a not-that-old group, they probably didn’t know what to expect from the European audience that they were meeting for the first time.

They didn’t need to worry though, as their European fans were ready to get charmed all over again by the 12 boys (P-Goon, HoJoon, B-Joo, Gohn, A-Tom, Kidoh, Nak-Ta, Xero, Sangdo, Yano Jenissi and Hansol).

And KAvenyou was in both London and Paris to see them succeed in this challenge.

Topp Dogg in Europe

When the organisers (Jazzy Group) announced the tour, it’s been presented as a showcase. However it actually was somewhere between a concert and a fanmeeting. The set list was long enough to be called a concert (17 songs have been sung including Peek-a-boo, Saleri, TOPDOG, Arario, a Love Me Like You Do cover etc.) and the fans were given the change to have special interations with the members.

In London, fans had prepared a cake to celebrate the tour. In Paris, fans had made banners to shower the members with their love. In both shows, 6 lucky fans went on stage to play a game with the members. Two teams had to mime a word and guess it. Among the words to guess : elephant, tree, mirror, stockings AOA… Leading to a variety of situations that gave everyone a good laugh.The laughters then turned into tears when came to time to say goodbye. Tears that were, somehow, telling us of the importance being on stage has for them. Topp Dogg is definitely a group of performers who give their all to their audience.TOPP GODD in Paris

As Topp Dogg will soon prepare for their come-back, they can do it with the knowledge that they have loyal fans, and all the confidence that comes from experiencing first-hand your global fame.

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