[INTERVIEW] Paint Brushes & Dreams: “The Painters” are coming back!

As promised, here is Part 2 of a 2-part interview series for NANTA (Cookin’) and The Painters:HERO who are hitting our sunny shores very soon from 3rd June – 11th June 2016! I hope the 1st part has hyped you enough because here comes part 2!

Team Chaplin 2 (Photo Credits: Pentatonic Inc.)

1. How did the inspiration for conceptualizing this musical combining heroes and art come about?

The Painters: HERO presents a new way of enjoying art, which is showcasing the process of making art live on stage. We focus on featuring all-time favourite superheroes transcending ages and making them come alive with different art techniques as we want to help people relive their childhood dreams of becoming a hero themselves. In that way, people would also feel more attached to our show as they can relate to the heroes being painted. Most importantly, we wanted to make ‘art’ an interesting subject to approach.

2.  As this musical revolves around heroes, who are the cast members’ heroes?

Kwon Woo Ram: Michael Jackson. His songs and dances amazes me.

Hong Bo Ram: It has always been my parents.

So Kwang Min: Father.

Kang Shin Koo: Belief and support from my family keeps me thinking positive.

Superb Demonstration of Light Painting (Photo Credits: Pentatonic.Inc)
Superb Demonstration of Light Painting (Photo Credits: Pentatonic .Inc)

3. Of all the different art techniques displayed in the musical, which one is the most challenging to master?

Kwon Woo Ram: I think that dust drawing the most challenging for me as we use water glue to draw in this technique and the details may be hard to show.

Hong Bo Ram: Figure drawing is rather difficult as it could fail to have similarities between the drawing outcome and the figure itself.

So Kwang Min: I feel that anything that needs to be drawn within a short amount of time is quite challenging.

Kang Shin Koo: City landscape is the most challenging kind of painting for me.

The Painters Having Fun With Action Painting (Photo Credits: Pentatonic.Inc)
The Painters Having Fun With Action Painting (Photo Credits: Pentatonic .Inc)

4. How did the passion of dancing/acting and drawing come about for the actor-painters?

As we are eager to present the best art show, we are willing to practice more for lacking skills. Whenever we see the audience cheering and sending support from all around the world, it helps us to keep up the passion we have for the show.

The Painters Working On Marbling Art (Photo Credits: Pentatonic.Inc)
The Painters Working On Marbling Art (Photo Credits: Pentatonic .Inc)

5. Do the cast have any advice for any aspiring actor-painters?

We all have different backgrounds, but actors from The Painters: HERO have one thing in common, which is passion. It would be applicable to anyone who wants to achieve their dream, no matter what it is. Do not give up easily and keep up with passionate practice and endless endeavor. You’ll make it at last.

KAvenyou would like to extend our thanks to the producer Mr. Kyu Jeong and the Chaplin Team for the time to answer our questions! The Painters: HERO will be performing at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore from 10-11 June 2016. For more information, please visit http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/hero0616.

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Article by: Zhen Zhen & Cass Zheng @ KAvenyou

Photo Credits: Pentatonic .Inc

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