Disney+ Soundtrack #1 Interview – Discover Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee’s confessions of love

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disney+ soundtrack #1 interview park hyung sik han so hee

Disney+ Soundtrack #1 Roundtable Interview“Soundtrack #1” tells the story of struggling songwriter Eunsoo (Han Sohee) and her best friend of 19-years Sunwoo (Park Hyung Sik). Tasked with the challenge of writing a hit song about unrequited love, the pair end up unexpectedly living together and sharing their stories of love in an attempt to finish the song.

However, does such unrequited love really exist, and how would Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee face their own confessions in real life?

Disney+ #Soundtrack #1 – Roundtable interview with Park Hyung-Sik and Han So-Hee 

How did it feel like the first time working together or filming together? 
Park Hyung Sik: Once we started shooting we could not stop laughing on the set and there was such good chemistry between us, even better than I had imagined. So-Hee has such a good personality. She’s so bubbly and friendly. So we got closer to each other very quickly and we had a lot of fun on the set.
Han So Hee: I had a very good time filming on the set as I felt very comfortable, especially since director Kim Hee-Won did her best to make us both feel very comforted on set and filmed it in a very laid back mood as much as we could. So I think you guys would be able to enjoy the show.
What would you do if you fell in love with a long-time friend? Would you confess or would you keep your feelings to yourself?
Park Hyung Sik: I think I will confess my love to that person because once I realise that I have feelings for that person, I have to get it off my chest. And I don’t think that I’d be able to keep it inside me.
Han So Hee: I have never confessed my love to somebody else ever in my life. So, I don’t think I’ll be able to tell that person how I feel. This is not necessarily because I’m afraid of losing a friend but because I simply cannot muster the courage.
This question goes to Park Hyung-Sik, you have mostly played very reliable considerate man in your previous shows. Do you have any plans to perform as somebody that’s really snarky and cheats on his girlfriend?
Park Hyung Sik: Of course. I think as an actor, you have to try and take on diverse roles and diverse characters to meet audiences through different channels. I have played a character that is trying to pursue a woman but I hope that I get another chance to meet the audience through the role just like what you just described.
This drama is about someone being “friend-zoned” (in more urban terms). How did you prepare for such a role whether it was drawing reference from your own personal experience or from experience sharing from your friends?
Park Hyung Sik: I did draw upon my personal experience to be honest. Who doesn’t have experiences of falling for somebody, and not being able to confess their love? With my friends, we shared a lot of memories about the one-sided feelings that we have had for somebody else as well.
Han So Hee: I tried to rely on (personal) experience rather than advice, as I studied the script early and noticed that Eun-Soo doesn’t realise her feelings for Sun-Woo, but had a change of heart at some point. So rather than listening to what other people had to say, I would try to understand the inner thoughts of Eun-Soo and think about how she would react in such a situation.
You play the role of a lyricist and a photographer respectively. How did you prepare for that role and were there any challenges?
Park Hyung Sik: I have never really dealt with a camera in a professional manner before. So I learned from the staff members how I should like fiddle with the camera. Especially when I had to edit the photos, and not just taking them, so I think I learned a lot about those processes while filming.
Han So Hee: As I was playing the role of a lyricist, this person tries to convey her emotions metaphorically through words rather than expressing her emotions verbally. So I tried to imagine how this person would spell out her emotions that she cannot put into words and sentences. There is a scene where I sat alone by myself writing lyrics, and some of those lyrics were not part of the script. They’re actually written by myself where I tried to translate the feelings that I have for Sun-Woo and my love into those lyrics.

“Soundtrack #1” is the latest Korean story to join the ever-growing library of world-class content available on Disney+. Fans of Korean stories can also enjoy the recently released mystery-thriller “Grid” about a shadowy figure who saved humanity but who has now been identified as an accomplice to a murderer; “Rookie Cops”, a campus romance drama that follows the lives of a group of reckless freshmen at the Korean National Police Academy; the breakout sensation “Snowdrop” starring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo in a story about a university student who goes against her family and her country to help the man she loves; and many other exciting stories from across the globe.

Viewers can begin streaming “Soundtrack #1” on Disney+ from March 23.

Photo Credits: Disney+

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