Krystal and Kim Jae-Wook spill the beans at Disney+’s Crazy Love roundtable interview

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Disney+ Crazy Love Interview – We introduced everyone to Disney+‘s Crazy Love earlier, which has started streaming on 7 March. Everyone who has ever held a workplace grudge should sit back and enjoy this as the cast of “Crazy Love” explores what happens when you decide to take revenge.

Centred around the unexpected romance between an employee and her boss, “Crazy Love” will take viewers on a fantastical and light-hearted adventure complete with bundles of on-screen chemistry between its two stars Kim Jae-Wook and Jung Soo-Jung (better known as Krystal). While we sit back and enjoy the show, nothing beats a little more insights from the cast of “Crazy Love” themselves through an interview.

 Crazy Love roundtable Interview with Kim Jae-Wook and Jung Soo-Jung

I read the synopsis for Crazy Love and I think that the storyline is completely unpredictable. So, when you first read the script, what really hooked you to the show? 
Jung Soo-Jung: When I read the script, the fact that the storyline was very unpredictable was attractive, and I had never officially given rom com a go before, so I wanted to take this opportunity to do that. I have never played the role of a secretary before so I thought that this would be a good chance to do that. 
Kim Jae-Wook: This show has a lot of humour and as an actor, I have worked on many projects before, but I have never done a show centered on comedy and humor. I wanted to do such a show like this for a long time. And these tough times because of COVID has made everyone very depressed and a lot of people all over the world are having a hard time, and as an actor I wanted to give everybody a good laugh. And just like you said, this unpredictable script came along at that point in time, and I found it very attractive. 
Can you share your first impression of each other? 
Jung Soo-Jung: So, my first impression of him was the way he looks exactly right now, it was just him. As I spent more time with him filming together, I grew to know more about him, and I also saw the pure and innocent side of him as well. There’s definitely that side to him. 
Kim Jae-Wook: First impression of Soo-Jung, I would like to echo what she said. It was just the way she looks like right now and she might come across as chic, or hard to approach at first, but that’s because she’s just shy and it takes time for her to get closer to other people. She opened up to me and told me straight up that she’s pretty introverted and it takes time for her to get used to people. This made me feel much more comfortable and I thought that I knew her better now and with each passing day, she seemed more comfortable filming on the set and now I think, both of us have grown very close to each other. And she said that she saw the innocent side of me, and I think I saw her funny side because she is definitely a very humorous person. 
Crazy Love Krystal and Jae Wook
What was the most difficult part of your character? 
Jung Soo-Jung: For me, everything was challenging. We’re already four months, five months into the shoot, but I only recently told Jae-Wook that I think I’m getting used to it now. We shot all the tricky scenes early into the production, so I had a lot of trouble gathering the emotions and adapting to the set, but I tried to do my best. And the character that I played – Shin-a – has a submissive attitude all along until she’s diagnosed with terminal cancer and that is the point when her emotions start exploding and she lets everything out. This sort of performance is very draining for you. So after every single take, I’m very exhausted. 
Kim Jae-Wook: She says that, but all the staff on set will say that while she seems to be very anxious and worried before every draining and emotional shoot, once the camera starts rolling, she starts exuding this energy and puts on a very compelling performance. So we’re not worried about her at all and we know that she’s just saying that as once the camera starts rolling, she’s brilliant. She’s made for the camera. 

For me, the character I played, Go-Jin has a very sensitive personality and he’s abrasive and snappy towards, not only Shin-a, his current secretary, but to his previous secretaries who were also in the show. And I found it very hard at first to perform those scenes where he snaps at other people, for example his underlings and other people in the company, because I couldn’t muster that energy. I’m a person where my voice gets lower toned when I get mad, but Go-Jin is the shouting type so that was hard at first. He is also a math instructor so in those scenes where he was filming those math lectures, I had to understand the math questions first and then explain it to the students. That was something that I was not quite used to so that was a bit tricky. 
What are you crazy about since Goh-Jin is crazy about money and Shin-a is crazy about revenge. Is there something that you two are crazy about these days? 
Kim Jae-Wook: Soo-Jung is craving over sour patch, the jelly. And Candy Crush, the game. In her downtime when she wants to be mindlessly doing something, she always plays the Candy Crush Saga. She is crazy about that game. 
Jung Soo-Jung: I know what he’s crazy about. He’s crazy about grapefruit tea. He is always drinking grapefruit tea. He’s addicted to it. 

Start streaming “Crazy Love” from 7 March 2022 on Disney+.

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