[COVERAGE] Jang Dong Gun and Hyun Bin: We hope Singapore fans will enjoy the RAMPANT movie!

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rampant korean movie jang dong gun hyun bin

Joining us for Halloween in Singapore are actors Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun as they bring us 2018 most anticipated zombie blockbuster Rampant; which is one of many Korean movies arriving in Singapore this year.

Q: Reasons for choosing to act in the film Rampant

Jang Dong Gun: “One of the reasons being my good friend Hyun Bin is part of this project. I enjoyed myself very much during the entire filming process. To be able to act side by side with my friend made me feel at ease. Being friends, we trust and know each other very well. It is an honour to be a part of this project together with him.

Hyun Bin: “We have been close friends for many years but never had the opportunity to work together on a project till now. It was a memorable and interesting experience.  It is also exciting to discover a new found chemistry between my senior actor/friend Jang Dong Gun.

“My reason? I mean, aren’t both Hyun Bin & Jang Dong Gun just outrageously handsome?” laughs Director Kim Sung Hoon

Q: Any challenges you faced while filming?

Jang Dong Gun: “Before filming Rampant, I starred in a period film and back then people said my outfit was not suitable for me. So for Rampant, there were a lot of tests done on the attire and makeup to see which look suited me best. Thankfully the feedback was better!”

Hyun Bin: “The feedback nothing difficult or uncomfortable working alongside with a great actor, Jang Dong Gun, because he is a really close Hyung whom I am comfortable with. Being someone whom I can trust, he was more of a huge support throughout this great experience.”

rampant korean movie jang dong gun hyun bin 2

Q: Is there a particular scene you wish to challenge yourself? (That was portrayed by the other actor)

Hyun Bin: “There was a scene where the minister (Jang Dong Gun) wore the King’s robe and walked slowly into the palace. This particular scene looked really majestic and I wish to try it!”

“Honestly, No ?”, laughs Jang Dong Gun. He reveals that Hyun Bin has so much more tough actions scenes to do; especially filming it during the peak of Korea’s harsh winter is insane. However he added he might accept this challenge if he was 10 years younger!

Q: How would you describe working together for the first time despite being friends for so many years?

Hyun Bin: “We have been friends for a very long time, in which we understand each other very well. Thus there were zero moments where we were uncomfortable with each other. Hyung is really someone whom I can rely on and would not make things difficult for me even if i were to oversight on certain things.

Jang Dong Gun: “Hyun Bin is a very close brother of mine. Filming with him is like going on a trip. I have absolute trust in him and the journey I experienced with him was very pleasant.

Actor Jang Dong Gun revealed he is delighted to be back here in Singapore to promote his latest Korean film Rampant. He is of no stranger with our sunny island Singapore as he has travelled here a few times not only for promotions but for holidays with his family as well. (He remembered venturing with his family at Suntec City when they visited Singapore last year.)

Actor Hyun Bin is also happy to be back in Singapore to promote his latest film. He is overjoyed to see many different people from all over the world for Rampant’s International Junket.  He hopes many people will enjoy the movie as well.

rampant korean movie jang dong gun hyun bin 3

The 2 dashing actors also did a Meet and Greet session with the fans at Suntec City Atrium.

Jang Dong Gun and Hyun Bin graced the red carpet, shaking hands with the fans, taking selfies and even signing on the Rampant’s goodie fan!

They also gave short interviews with the Media and greeted the fans!

rampant korean movie jang dong gun
rampant korean movie hyun bin

Jang Dong Gunand Hyun Bin hope that Singapore fans will enjoy the movie as much as they do!

Be sure to catch Rampant, the upcoming dark zombie apocalypse looming over to Singapore theatres on 1 November 2018.

KAvenyou would like to thank Clover Films for the invite to Rampant International Junket in Singapore

Head over to our Facebook page for more photos of the event: https://www.facebook.com/126224380741256/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2133119623385045

rampant korean movie hyun bin jang dong gun 4

Article by: Leslyn @ KAvenyou.com

Photography by: Leslyn & Xiaosi @ KAvenyou.com

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