[REVIEW] Journey of a North Korean Soldier’s Struggles in ‘Escape’, Starring Lee Je-Hoon

Escape means to break free from confinement or control. Escape can mean differently to many but whether we can truly escape depends on ourselves.

In this case, Sergeant Kyu-Nam (played by Lee Je-Hoon) dreams of an escape to the South, away from the confines of the North where he felt that “Freedom” was just a name only. Something that the government dangles to its people to keep them in line and follow the age old traditions handed down through the generations in which anything that deviates from that would be dealt with severely.

This movie follows his various attempts on escaping as he, unexpectedly got himself a partner in crime, Dong Hyuk (played by Hong Xa-Bin) who wished to escape for reasons of his own. Kyu-Nam had to rely on his wits and many strokes of luck to try to get himself out of situations that was precarious especially when it comes to dealing with Hyun-Sang (played by Koo Kyu-Hwan), an officer of the State Security Department. A man who had secrets of his own and was connected to Kyu-Nam’s past. There will be times when you will feel the same emotions as Kyu-Nam when you see his plans failing due to Officer Hyun-Sang’s ability to predict his moves and the urge to curse at Officer Hyun-Sang became harder to control.

However, it’s not all frustrations as there were quite a number of lighthearted moments between Kyu-Nam and Dong Hyuk, the soldier who can predict the weather. Dong Hyuk’s positive energy makes it hard for us to resist and you will find yourself rooting for him, hoping that he will be able to escape and fulfill his dreams.

Will Kyu-Nam be able to escape the system that tied him down from birth? Will the plans he had made help him succeed in escaping? Will Hyun Sang let go of the invisible shackles in his life?

Fear a meaningless life, not death…

Watch the movie to find these answers and more. Catch ‘Escape’ in theatres from 11 July.

Article By: Jia Yu @ KAvenyou

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