[Paparazzi Corner] The secrets that made “Descendants of the Sun” and “My Love from the Star” a success you never knew

14 March 2016, Singapore – Korean drama has been a pivotal part of Korean entertainment and culture, which stirred the Hallyu Wave all around the world. In recent times, “My Love from the Star” that swept all records; and the new rising star in the form of “Descendants of the Sun” that has already overtook the broadcast ratings of the former in the first 6 episodes. Paparazzi Corner will now reveal the secrets behind these 2 dramas’ success.

1. Cute and Hot Casts


Who doesn’t love admiring beautiful things? The casts creates the first impression of the entire drama, even before it starts airing. Having one of the cutest male actors in the industry in the form of Song Joong Ki and Kim Soo Hyun can hardly be a mistake isn’t it? Complemented by the hottest veteran actresses in Gianna Jun (Jun Ji-Hyun) and Song Hye-Kyo adds the spices and seasoning in a successful dish. Descendants of the Sun took it one step further by also including hot casts in the support roles. Do check out the members of Alpha Team as well.

2. The Young-Mature Combination


[one_half_last]my-love-from-the-star-casts[/one_half_last]With the greater acceptance of 姐弟恋 (Sister and Younger Brother relationship) in the society, I have a reason to believe such a combination isn’t a coincidence in both dramas. Both male leads are younger than the female leads, and this could be a reason for the creative sparks and chemistry that made both dramas a hit.

3. Successful man “behind” the women


The both female leads have worked with hugely popular and successful male actors in their earlier years. Jun Ji-Hyun working with Cha Tae-Hyun in the hugely popular movie “My Sassy Girl”, while Song Hye-Kyo working with Rain in the romantic drama “Full House”, which set the tone for Korean drama at that time.

4. Interesting Plot


We all know aliens and disaster movies are often hits in the international scene like “Independence Day”, and of course war films like “Saving Private Ryan” and “Black Hawk Down”. I assume the Koreans can’t go too wrong combining a known successful subject of an alien and the evergreen love story; and the relationship between a special forces captain and an army doctor will make the cut.

5. Love of outer space objects?


A little far fetch (literally), a love for the unreachable, or a pure coincidence? A recent solar eclipse made headlines around the world. With both drama titles relating back to the star and the sun; are we seeing a case of the bigger the better ratings?

So what do you think of the glaring similarities that made both a success? A coincidence maybe? Let us know your thoughts.

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