Discover metal group Victim Mentality and their answers to our questions!

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Victm Mentality SXSW Poster
Victim Mentality are a Korean group who plays a fun mix of ’80s heavy metal and glam metal. Discover them ahead of their participation at SXSW ’16 (Austin, Texas).

Victim Mentality are a growing sensation of the korean rock stage. They have performed at the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival and the Ansan M Valley Rock Festival — which are Korea’s two top music festivals. And last year they played at SXSW and at the V-Rox festival in Russia. They received a lot of great press from their first appearance at SXSW and are invited there again this year, with two planned shows (dates below). Discover who they are through a short interview. Questions have been answered by the band’s frontman, Krocodile.

March 16 Austin, Texas @ The Belmont — Korea Night I: K-Pop Night Out Showcase (8:20PM – 9:00PM)
March 19 Austin, Texas @ Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room — V-Rox Showcase (12:00AM – 12:40AM)

First of all, could you introduce Victim Mentality to our readers? 

Hi, we’re Victim Mentality from Seoul.  We play glam metal and heavy metal.
But I think all of you should already know that because we’re super famous around the globe, right? What, you don’t know us?
Well then quickly Google us and then pretend you’ve known about us right from the beginning. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone!  

After watching you play at SXSW 2015, the Austin Chronicle newspaper said that glam metal changed hemispheres and now thrives on kimchi […]. Would you say there is a Korean type of glam metal? 

No, I wouldn’t.  I don’t like the idea of a “Korean type” of metal.
We’re just a heavy metal band. Metal is borderless.

Victim Mentality made their live debut in 2013. You quickly attracted fans and took part in major Korean festivals. In your opinion, what factors led to your success as a band?

I think it’s because we are all incredibly handsome. But aside from my good looks, I have no clue what has caused our tremendous popularity.

Your bio says that after the release of your album “Heavy Metal Is Back”, you wanted to share the album’s songs with both metal lovers and regular music fans. Do you feel that metal fans and fans of other musical genres react to Victim Mentality differently?

Yes, I do.
Metal fans often don’t get our humor but they have a really strong sense of loyalty.  On the other hand, fans of other genres usually get our humor, but they are quick to flee if something seems too different to them.

You started out as a duo, and new members then joined the group, the latest addition being just a few months ago.  How have these lineup changes affected your live performances and your music?

The lineup changes have created small differences in our live shows and music but nothing major.  One small change is that I’m playing guitar now too.

Victim Mentality have already performed at some renowned international festivals and will be playing at SXSW in the US again soon. What are your goals for Korea and overseas?

Our new goal is to find romance.  There’s no reason to do all of this without love.

Some of our readers have little knowledge of metal music. What would you tell them to make them come to one of your performances?

Do not be afraid of metal. It’s really nice music, just like us.
We’re nice people and I’m sure you’ll love us if you see us play.
And I want to find a new romance. I hope all of you are in love too!


We wish to thank Victim Mentality for answering our questions.

Article by Céline

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