Kim Ha-Neul and Rain Sees Red in Disney+’s K-Drama “Red Swan”

Romance, rage and revenge; Disney+’s latest K-drama “Red Swan” promises not to be your typical chaebol drama! From the sizzling tensions between the leads to the gripping storyline, viewers are in for a hot, hot summer with “Red Swan”!

The leads are familiar faces to K-Drama fans; Kim Ha-Neul (A Gentleman’s Dignity, On Air) plays our leading lady Oh Wan-Soo, a golfing star and high profile Goodwill Ambassador; Jeong Ji-Hoon “Rain” (Ghost Doctor, Ninja Assassin) is Seo Do-Yoon, our mysterious bodyguard who is not all he seems; Jung Gyu-Woon (You Are Too Much, Oh My Venus) as Kim Yong-Guk, our sexy chaebol heir to the Hwain Group; and Seo Yi-Sook (Rookie Cops, Under the Queen’s Umbrella) as Park Mi-Ran, the CEO of the Hwain Group.

The series starts with our unsuspecting leading lady Oh Wan-Soo arriving in Manila on a charity work trip and getting caught in a gunfire. Terrified for her life, she is miraculously saved by random passerby Seo Do-Yoon. Wan-Soo is determined to press on in her philanthropic work despite the threats she faces and her husband Kim Yong-Guk seems to be the perfect husband as he repeatedly shows his concern for her. Passerby Do-Yoon, who was previously part of the police force, also gets hired as part of Wan-Soo’s security team.

As the show progresses, we meet the fearsome and persnickety mother-in-law Park Mi-Ran who never fails to make things difficult for our female lead. From attempting to get Wan-Soo to commit bribery or just being a generally unpleasant person, viewers will definitely be on Wan-Soo’s side as she stands up to Mi-Ran. On top of that, Wan-Soo also finds out her perfect husband Yong-Guk is actually cheating on her. Wan-Soo has to navigate between her love for her work, her complex relationships as well as her blossoming relationship with her bodyguard Do-Yoon.

Do-Yoon on the other hand, was not simply at the right place at the right time when he saved Wan-Soo. The enigmatic bodyguard has more on his mind than just protecting Wan-Soo, we learn that his real motivation in joining Hwain group’s security team is to investigate the death of a close friend. However, the sparks flying between Wan-Soo and Do-Yoon serve to complicate matters.

Join Wan-Soo and Do-Yoon on their riveting journey by checking out Disney+ newest K-Drama “Red Swan”, now available for streaming!

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