Singer-songwriter & Producer NIve returns with single “ESCAPE”

After 7 months since his last single was released in November 2020, artist & producer NIve has returned with his latest single “ESCAPE”, which is the pre-release single off his first-ever upcoming mini album. 

Befitting of his title as a rising artist & producer, NIve wrote, composed, arranged, and produced the single. In “ESCAPE”, NIve expresses his desire to escape and run away from an unrelenting reality. “ESCAPE” is a UK hybrid pop rock song that is emphasized by driving guitars and bass lines, accompanied by percussive elements that bring a sense of uniqueness to the song. 

Known primarily for his emotional and sentimental sound in his music and vocals, NIve challenged himself with a rougher approach to both, laying down the foundation for a new sonic identity with the UK hybrid pop rock genre. The accompanying MV for “ESCAPE” also displays a NIve in a new light, where he shows-off a tougher, charismatic side that fans have not seen before. 

Throughout “ESCAPE”, listeners can hear NIve sing in a dynamic and rough vocal style, a contrast from his earlier works. He expressed his desire for this vocal color to be one that is unique to him, and one that he believes helps deliver the raw emotion intended behind the song.

After releasing his debut international single “Getaway” in 2018, NIve received much global attention, spurring his Korean debut with the fan-favorite single “Like a Fool”, featuring R&B singer-songwriter Sam Kim in 2020. NIve capped off 2020 with the smooth and emotional single “2easy”, which featured Korean R&B star Heize and marked the beginning of NIve’s full-fledged Korean promotional activities. In addition, NIve marked his debut as a producer and songwriter after composing “Beautiful Goodbye” for EXO member Chen’s solo debut. NIve also has producing and songwriting credits with some of K-Pop’s brightest stars, including EXO, NCT U, Super Junior, SF9, CRAVITY, and more. 

Following the pre-release single “ESCAPE”, NIve looks to release his first-ever EP in late-July of this year. Touted as an artist who writes and sings openly about his true emotions, fans can expect an even more vulnerable and honest project with the upcoming EP. Starting with “ESCAPE,” NIve is opening the doors for fans to experience and explore the aspects and dimensions of NIve that have yet to be revealed.

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