Led Apple visit Europe for the first time and answer questions from media

As more and more Korean artists visit Europe, now is LED Apple’s turn to tour Europe with concerts in several countries, including The Netherlands where we have met them.

LED Apple in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam, LED Apple met with media to express themselves on their Europe tour. The press conference has been held just before the concert thanks to Invazi, the organiser. The members seemed excited about it, as Hanbyul even congratulated themselves on their first conference in Europe. But the members had already met with their fans, not only in the Netherlands but also in Finland. So here is the members’ thoughts about Europe, their fans, and more.

When asked how it felt to finally be in Europe after wanting it for a long time, Hanbyul answered:

“It’s the first time all of the members come to Europe, so we were really excited before we came. Its fun, definitely a nice place. It reminds us a bit of Australia. The people are nice and everybody is good at English”. And indeed, the members seems to have had a few friendly encounters with Europeans as they went out for coffee and hot chocolate, and Kyumin was greeted by a Finnish baby. Besides, Kyumin seemed unable to not mention that the Netherlands was definitely a country he was glad to visit, as this is the country of Sneijder and Van Persie, soccer players that he looks up to.

For their first time in Europe, Kyumin also seems to have been impressed by the European fans’ height. “The height is different, they are taller. A lot of the European females are really tall.” Hanbyul confirmed this by saying that “Compared to the other European males, Kyumin is not that tall, just average, so he is a little bit upset about that. Another thing about Europe is the bathtube. It was a full length of our body, so that was surprising. But European fans are really nice, they are really upfront, they are just more like friends than fans. Everything is comfortable with them.”

LED Apple in Rotterdam

As LED Apple is having plans for the European market, the members also talked about their projects. According to Hanbyul, they are currently working with Dutch songwriters on an english song that may be called “My Baby”. The members also mentionned working with producers from African descent, as well as people from Hong Kong, Turkey etc, which is good opportunity for them to meet more foreign friends.

They also recently had a meeting to discuss about what to do now that their 50 “Music Note” covers are done. Indeed, when they started this project, the members intended it to last for a year, and hence decided to cover 50 korean and international songs. These videos gathered many watchers. Ather they covered a song by SHINee, Jonghyun from SHINee even told them “You can never become me” to which Hanbyul said “No, I am better than you”. So after the “Music Note” success, LED Apple members are thinking about doing some more “Blah Blah” videos, or maybe having their own “AppleTV” reality show.

However, first thing comes first and before thinking about their future projects, they were focusing on the upcoming concert. “The performance itself is very exciting for us. And about how the Dutch fans will respond to our music, how they will react and how they party, how they enjoy the concert in general. Its our first time here, we performed in front of Asian fans but we are really curious about what the European fans are thinking up.”

LED Apple in Rotterdam

Though this tour is a world tour, there are some countries that LED Apple aren’t visiting but would like to. This includes England, Hong-Kong, Turkey, Sweden and Austria. However the next country is Bucharest, where KAvenyou will also be.

Article and Pictures: Ayse Erdogan @ KAvenyou.com


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