“G-DRAGON, Taeyang & Seungri ‘BE MY VALENTINE’ Fan Meeting Show in Hong Kong” Held Successfully

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(February 15, 2014, Hong Kong) – G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri have successfully finished their first ever fan meeting event in Hong Kong with “G-DRAGON, Taeyang & Seungri ‘BE MY VALENTINE’ Fan Meeting Show in Hong Kong” on February 15, 2014 (Saturday) at Hall 5BC, HKCEC. The 3 BIGBANG members delivered the most romantic and unforgettable fan event experience to Hong Kong audience with their stunning performances and games tailor-made for Hong Kong audience.

Despite their tight working schedule, G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri have squeezed time to come to Hong Kong to meet with fans here with a view to expressing their gratitude for all the love and support from Hong Kong fans.

They arrived Hong Kong in the early afternoon and during their short walk to their cars, screams of their names were coming from every direction as all the fans cheered and shouted desperately to catch the attention of their “perfect valentines”.

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After a short break and rehearsal in the afternoon, the long-awaited fan event started at 8pm and the 3 members ignited every audience with a glamorous opening. Donald, the emcee of the night, introduced the 3 members one by one to the stage. Each member appeared on the stage elevating from below the stage, and made a short, yet stylish, catwalk to the extended stage and greeted the crowd. The deafening screams from the audiences simply exploded once they saw the 3 members standing in front of them. The 3 members greeted the audience politely and thanked for the support of every audience. They were deeply touched and were delighted to have the opportunity to see all VIPs in Hong Kong again.

Donald then had a short but meaningful chat with the 3 members which they talked about their ups and downs and the changes of each member in these 9 years since their debut. The audience enjoyed all the stories and insights they shared. With the lead by the MC, the 3 members also revealed the characteristics of each member and also their strengths and weaknesses.

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Following the chit-chat was one of the most anticipated sessions by all the audience when they had a chance to go up to the stage and play games with the 3 members! A “Tree of Wish” was setup and all the audience has the chance to write their ideas of “what is your ideal Valentine’ Day?” before the fan event. The “Tree of Wish” was moved to the stage and the 3 members picked the answers that they like most!

The 3 members inspected scrutinized all the answers and messages and picked 3 best answers. When Donald announced the writers of these 3 answers will have the chance to come up to the stage and interact with the 3 members, the whole concert hall shook as all the ecstatic fans gone crazy!

The 3 extremely lucky fans were then invited to the stage to enjoy one of their best moments in their life. They were treated as a queen on the stage while the 3 members dressed them up with the styles appeared on the LED wall, i.e. sexy, hip hop and cute. The 3 members were busy acting as the stylists for their fans and trying to dress up the fans the best they can! The fans, fascinated but nervous, realized that they were indeed getting dressed by 3 of the most outstanding fashionistas in the world! After all the fans are dressed up as their respective styles, they were even able to get a Polaroid shot with the 3 members together! Sound of jealousy came from below the stage as everyone would like to have this rare gift for their Valentine’s Day!

After the sessions to get close with their perfect valentines, all the fans knew it was time for them to return to their seat and get prepared for the remaining time as the 3 members were going to perform their best of the best solo and collaboration performances!

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Taeyang, one of the best and sexiest singers and dancers, was the first to hit the stage. He began with “Superstar” and “I Need A Girl” to confess his love and invite all audience to become his girlfriend. He then performed his signature song “Only Look At Me”, his first solo hit to grab the “Best R&B/ Soul Album” in 6th Korean Music Awards. Lastly as everyone expected, he performed his latest hit “Ringa Linga”! The song was written by G-Dragon which swept Korean real time music charts and topped iTunes in 5 countries. The powerful beat of the song has led all audience up on their feet!

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Seungri came to the stage right after Taeyang. He has re-arranged 3 of his most popular solo singles, including “Let’s Talk About Love”, “Gotta Talk To U” and “Strong Baby”. Seungri, who is loved by his witty and energetic characteristics, then continued to deliver “GG BE”, which was based on his true love story, and “What Can I Do”.

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G-Dragon, the King of Kpop, then stormed the stage with a series of his upbeat songs. His powerful performances began with “One Of A Kind” and “Michi Go”. G-Dragon never stopped moving, gliding across the stage and driving everyone crazy with “Crayon”. He then finished his solo part with “Crooked”, his latest hit that won him the “Best Dance Performance – Male Solo” in 2013 MAMA!

The fan meeting event was planned to end at this point. However with the tremendous support from all the audiences who were not willing to leave the concert hall, the 3 members were deeply touched and came back to the stage again and concluded their first ever Hong Kong fan meeting event with their last Valentine’s Day present “Let’s Talk About Love”, “Bad Boy” and “Fantastic Baby”. The passionate fans raised up their self made banner “Be My Love” to express their love to the 3 members!

All the audiences attending the fan meeting event enjoyed the night so much. They were pleased to have the opportunity to have a wonderful date with their perfect valentines! The rare opportunity to attend the first ever fan event by the 3 members, to interact closely with them and to witness their stunning performances was definitely an once-in-a-lifetime experience to all audiences!

Commenting on the fan meeting event, representatives from the event organizers, including Juna International, MW Partners and ELF ASIA said, “We are delighted to have successfully concluded the first ever fan meeting event of G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri in Hong Kong. We would like to express our gratitude to the 3 members for their amazing performances and we appreciate their effort to squeeze their time amidst their packed schedule to visit Hong Kong VIPs for this fan event. Also, special thanks to the great love and support from the fans by creating a night of romance that will be long remembered!”

Juna International, MW Partners and ELF ASIA are the promoters of “G-DRAGON, Taeyang & Seungri “BE MY VALENTINE” Fan Meeting Show in Hong Kong’”. This event is also fully supported by Glamour Entertainment. Asiana Airlines is the official carrier of the event.

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