Dive Into IVE With IVE’s First World Tour in Singapore

IVE is back in town! Lasting almost three whole hours, IVE heated up the Singapore Indoor Stadium last Saturday as they performed a setlist of 25 songs for the long-awaited fans of our sunny island.

IVE proved their charismatic aura as they made their grand entrance on stage

Kickstarting the show with “I Am”, “Royal” and “Blue Blood”, IVE proved their charismatic aura as the fans cheered along to their grand entrance on stage.

Following with “Heroine”, “Cherish” and their debut song “Eleven”, the members took turns to express their excitement in returning to Singapore, assuring fans on enjoying the show as they put on an upgraded, special performance for this concert.

IVE returned to stage with a fairy-like entrance, and took on elevated stages for their next performances.

With a fairy-like entrance, IVE took on elevated stages with “Shine with Me” and “Either Way”, and went on to perform more upbeat songs such as “Lips”, “Mine” and “Off the Record”. The members not only praised fans for looking like stars with their Ha-bongs (IVE’s official light stick name), but also reminisced on their favourite local delicacies (“We Love Chilli Crabs!”) in between their performances.

Fans are able to appreciate the efforts put in by members as they showed off their individualities in the following VCR, revolving around the theme “I Have So Much More to Show You”. Not only that, the members also appeared in sub-units displaying their different personalities, with Gaeul and Rei performing “7 Rings”, “Holo” and “Wannabe”, Liz and Wonyoung swooning fans with “Reality”, and Leeseo and Yujin showing off their ‘girl power’ in “Woman Like Me”.

Returning back to the group, IVE returned to stage with a new rendition of Hypnosis” and “My Satisfaction”, much to the fans’ delight. Although Leeseo slightly sprained her ankle and had to take a short moment off stage, she returned shortly to join the members with the group’s best hits – “Love Dive”, “Kitsch”, “Baddie” and “After Like”. 

IVE relived their memories on how nervous they felt when they first performed in Singapore in 2023 and could not stop expressing their gratitude over the love they received from their fans, which allowed them to return to Singapore with their first world tour.

IVE’s first world tour <Show What I Want> in Singapore

IVE’s first world tour <Show What I Want> in Singapore came to an official close as IVE ended the show with their encore songs “OTT”, “I Want” and “Not Your Girl”.

Article by: Jiayu @ KAvenyou
Official Photography: Live Nation Singapore

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