Who can Lee Jae-Wook and Lee Jun-Young trust in Disney+ revenge Kdrama ‘The Impossible Heir’?

Going from rags to riches, who can they trust? Lee Jae-Wook (Alchemy of Souls, Extraordinary You) and Lee Jun-Young (Love and Leashes, D.P.) and Hong Su-Zu (Sweet Home 2, Lovestruck in the City) star in Disney+’s latest KdramaThe Impossible Heir’ which premieres at the end of Febuary.

As an illegitimate child, Kang In-Ha (Lee Jun-Young) is shunned by his father’s family. Although he is a rich man’s son and even has a chauffeur to drive him around in an expensive car, the teenager regularly acts out as he is lonely and miserable. He meets a newcomer to the village, Han Tae-Oh (Lee Jae-Wook), who moved for a fresh start. The stark difference in social classes and wealth is showcased as we see Tae-Oh stay in a run-down house and another scene of him staring in shock at the insane party happening at In-Ha‘s sprawling mansion.

Tae-Oh also becomes the butt of the joke in school once his classmates find out that his father is in prison for murdering his mother. Although there was some initial animosity between the two, In-Ha stands up for Tae-Oh and they compromise on using each other to achieve their goals. In-Ha wants Tae-Oh‘s help to get into the prestigious Hanguk University and Tae-Oh wants to use In-Ha‘s connections to get to the top of the society.

The two decided to work together, putting together a plan to take over Kangoh Group which is the conglomerate that In-Ha‘s father is the chairman of. The complicated plan involves many unsuspecting parties, from Tae-Oh‘s university professor and In-Ha‘s stepsister Kang Hui-Ju. Viewers are kept on their toes as Tae-Oh‘s plans are never really explained in the first two episodes, making us wonder what their next step will be.

As they get older, In-Ha and Tae-Oh are still close. The disparity between the rich and poor is once again highlighted in the scene where In-Ha surprises Tae-Oh in Tae-Oh‘s tiny rooftop apartment with a table full of dishes cooked by In-Ha‘s personal chef. We also see Tae-Oh juggles school work as well as many part time jobs; from teaching to doing manual labour at a construction site.

We meet their schoolmate Na Hye-Won (Hong Su-Zu), in episode 2. Hye-Won is frequently hounded by both her mother and loan sharks due to money issues caused by her mother. Like Tae-Oh, Hye-Won also juggles schoolwork and working part time. Hye-Won is very ambitious and has a plan to make In-Ha fall for her.

Things get messy as Hye-Won gets involved with the duo. In-Ha and Tae-Oh‘s brotherhood will be questioned as they both seemingly fall in love with Hye-Won and issues like In-Ha discovering that Tae-Oh has been keeping secrets from him happen.

This highly anticipated Kdrama is backed by a whopping 20 billion won investment so we can not only look forward to fancy sets and camera work; the intriguing storyline and the sizzling tension between the three main characters will definitely keep viewers eagerly anticipating every episode as the story unfolds.

Check out ‘The Impossible Heir’ premiering on Disney+ on 28 February 2024!

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