[COVERAGE] FT Island: The Truth in Singapore 2017

the truth crowd

FT Island put up a spectacular performance to a full crowd a fortnight ago at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. This marks the sixth stop of their ongoing concert tour, named after their latest album, ‘The Truth’. The quintet, that last performed as a group in Singapore threeyears ago, expressed their concerns and worries on whether Singaporean fans still remembered them and they were definitely not disappointed.

Seunghyun also said that they were slightly stressed as they felt like they had a certain expectation to meet but judging from the fan’s screams and cheers, it’s pretty evident that their expectations were well met.

The band belted out crowd favourites ‘I Hope (바래)’ and ‘PRAY’ and also dedicated a good amount of time to the songs from their latest album. To celebrate the band’s 10th year anniversary, they specially prepared a set of three songs from their debut album, namely ‘A Man’s First Love Follows Him To His Grave’ and ‘Thunder’ ’ with a jazz twist.

Hongki said that all of them loved listening to music at jazz bars and he wished to recreate that atmosphere and share what they loved to do with the fans, hence the unique concept. Later adding on, “We could have a drink or two, and listen to jazz music together.”

He also revealed that there were songs that could only be exclusively heard during the concert. The band rearranged songs that were originally released in Japanese and sang them in Korean instead – Something that has never been done on record before. Thanks to their hard work, Singapore Primadonnas had the privilege of listening to songs like ‘Orange Days’ and ‘Walking Dead’ in Korean.

(Photography by: KAvenyou)

FT Island was determined to make it more than just a regular band concert and the smart incorporation of visual effects and physical elements made it clear that they were out there not just to perform, but to outperform. They used things such as a draping cloth (as pictured above) that was dropped in front of them and a projector shined lyrics and even transformed the stage into sets that changed with each song.

jonghun biceps

Of course, other than the musical pleasure, it was a feast for the eyes for many as Jonghun showed off his newly trained biceps – Fresh from the jungle.

Jokes aside, the members clearly put in effort to weave in bits and pieces of local culture by using Singlish words like ‘Alamak’. Jaejin was the first member who tried to incorporate those words in his speech but unfortunately, due to his inaccurate intonation, he was met with questionable faces from the fans. Hongki and Jonghun were quick to hop on the bandwagon and repeated the words, this time in the correct intonation, garnering roars of laughter from the fans. It’s okay Jaejin, you tried.

The members also expressed their love for Chili Crab and Pepper Crab and all of them said that they would love to be back, even if it’s just for a vacation. Jonghun even revealed that he has been to Singapore on vacation alone! Who knows, you might spot him in the streets of Orchard if you’re lucky!

FT Island ended the night with encore songs ‘Becoming You’ and ‘We Are’, assuring fans with the last line, ‘always believe me, always believe you’. ‘I Hope’ the fans in Singapore don’t have to wait for another three years before you’re back again.

FT Island: The Truth Singapore Setlist:

  1. Out Of Love
  2. Lose
  3. Time To
  4. Cycle
  5. Paparazzi
  6. I Hope
  8. Orange Days
  9. Hourglass
  10. A Man’s First Love Follows Him To The Grave
  11. Thunder
  12. Stand By Me
  13. Walking Dead
  15. Black Chocolate
  16. PRAY
  17. Take Me Now


  1. Becoming You
  2. We Are…

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Article by: Cass Zheng @ KAvenyou

Photography by: Red Spade Entertainment

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