Heated Night For DPR Regime Tour 2022 In Singapore

After announcing their stop here in Singapore as part of their world tour Asia leg, the DPR crew managed to hold a full SOLD-OUT show on 4 December 2022! The concert was held at The Coliseum at Hard Rock Cafe Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa, before continuing to Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. 

Opening the concert with a bang, DPR LIVE kicked it off with ‘LEGACY’, ‘NEON’, ‘TO WHOEVER’ and ‘THIRST’. The audience caught enthusiastically singing along to all the songs while he performed favorites like ‘KNOW ME’ and ‘LAPUTA’.

DPR LIVE resumed the show by throwing them roses during ‘VENUS’ while screams ensued for ‘KISS ME’ and ‘JASMINE’. Dripping with sweat and falling confetti, he finished his segment with more jammers like ‘JAM AND BUTTERFLY’, ‘HULA HOOPS’, ‘TEXT ME’ and ‘MARTINI BLUE’. But coming up next, got the Dreamers at the tip of their toes.

DPR IAN came from behind the stage followed with huge wings and started his set with ‘SO BEAUTIFUL’, ‘MOOD’ and ‘DOPE LOVERS’. Mesmerizing the crowd seems like an easy feat for him with his sultry voice and smooth dance moves. While taking a breather, he shared his personal backstory in Australia and how it gave inspiration to his songs. IAN thanked the Dreamers for the amazing journey and continued with his popular hits like ‘BALLROOM EXTRAVAGANZA’ and ‘NO BLUEBERRIES’. 

After the audience shouted for encore, the DPR crew jumped on stage and hyped the whole venue to end the night with ‘TO MYSELF’.

Article by: Syaza
Main photo: DPR

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