Song Joong Ki Talks About Having Jin Do Joon’s Talent & More At “Reborn Rich” Singapore Press Conference

On December 7 (Wednesday), Korean actor Song Joong Ki arrived in Resorts World Sentosa to promote his latest drama “Reborn Rich” at the Singapore press conference. The story revolves around Yoon Hyun Woo, a Sunyang Group employee who is murdered, and later reborn into the body of Jin Do Joon, the youngest grandson of Sunyang Group. With memories from the future, Hyun Woo begins plotting his revenge and taking over the company.

“Reborn Rich” is now the most viewed drama in Korea. When asked what were some reviews he had received, Joong Ki said, “The story is really enticing, and the audience will feel a sense of familiarity, especially during scenes of the olden days.”

The 37-year-old also shared that a friend told him, if he has Do Joon’s talent of knowing the future, he would definitely invest in Google’s stocks early (us too!)

Joong Ki may have played a rich man’s son in the show, but he would not want to be reborn into a rich family. “Because money causes conflict in the family,” he quipped, adding that he is satisfied with his current life.

As one of Korea’s leading heartthrob, one would have thought that Joong Ki would have been a popular student when he was in school. But that was not the case. He let on that he attended all-boys schools from middle through high school and did not have opportunities to meet girls. He was, in his words, a “boring and ordinary student”.

Speaking of his favourite moments from the drama, Joong Ki highlighted filming the scene in which Hyun Woo was killed in Turkey, one of the show’s filming locations.

Another one of Joong Ki’s favourite moments was a scene in the later episodes, in which he shared with his on-screen grandfather, played by veteran Korean actor Lee Sung Min. He would not reveal the surprise for now, but added that the story will become more complicated, as Do Joon begins to face problems with the Sunyang family.

Having been in a few popular dramas, maybe Joong Ki does have some talent in telling the future, or at the very least, picking the right scripts. The actor said he took up this role because he trusted the writer, whom he had previously worked with on “Sungkyukwan Scandal”, and wanted the opportunity to act alongside Mr Lee Sung Min, a senior whom he greatly admired.

Before the press conference came to an end, Joong Ki shared that he will be working with Jo Han Chul again (they appeared on “Vincenzo”, prior to “Reborn Rich”, together) on his next project, and asked that fans look forward to it.

KAvenyou will like to thank Viu Singapore for the media invite to Song Joong Ki’s “Reborn Rich” press conference in Singapore.

Viewers can stream “Reborn Rich” and behind-the-scenes content exclusively on Viu, with new episodes every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, same day as Korea.

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