What to expect from FT Island’s upcoming Europe tour ?

On October, 20th, FT Island will begin their Europe tour “FT Island X”, visiting 6 cities in Europe. Here is why you should grab the last tickets available before it is too late. 

Because you want to celebrate FT Island’s anniversary

FT Island, who debuted 10 years ago, launched their “FT Island [X]” tour this summer with their Seoul concerts. Even if you have missed the information, I am sure you already figured out that this tour celebrates their 10th anniversary.

10 years is a long period of time for a group. It is a significant birthday, and celebrating such an important birthday isn’t an opportunity that European fans often have.
Why would you miss this chance ? Grab it instead !

Because it probably will have all the old and new songs you love

Even though the set-list for the Europe part of the tour might be different from the Seoul set-list, the songs played in Seoul still are a credible hint.

And as expected from an anniversary tour, the set-list included both old and new songs : I Hope (2010), Let It Go, Life (2012), Wind (2017)… Songs that represent FT Island well. From what Lee Hongki said in previous shows, those are also songs that represent FT Island’s growth into the group they wanted it to become.

Because FT Island are meant to be heard live

It probably is the case for most artists : their main purpose if performing their music on a stage. It goes for Korean artists too, but it is even more so in FT Island’s case.
Depending in the tours, the same song can be sung accoustic, or with a very rock-like instrumentation.
You never know what to expect – other than it’ll sound great anyway.

Because FT Island and European fans are pretty much a match made in heaven

It is a given that all artists love all of their fans – wherever they are.
But still, let’s go back to 2015 and FT Island’s first concert in Paris, France.
Back then, the fans impressed the group by singing along to most songs. They even created a choir to sing on “Severely”, as you can still see from many fancams (click here to see a fancam).
If the chemistry is the same for this Europe tour, this truly isn’t something you’ll want to miss.

This tour is brought to Europe by My Music Taste.
My Music Taste is a company that aims to bring artists to their fans, on fans’ request.
Visit their website to both buy tickets for this tour, and request for the next concert in your country.

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