DAY6 in Europe : 6 dates to party like crazy

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Day6 in Paris

To kick off their 2019 year, DAY6 embarked for a Europe tour that started in Moscow on January, 18th. They performed in Paris on January, 27th.

Is it because their Europe Tour has 6 dates and it was the perfect number for them?
Whatever the reason, DAY6 Europe tour is undoubtedly a complete success.

Back in November when tickets went on sales, the concerts immediately went sold-out.
Most Korean bands lack in international mediatization. However, Day6’s debut song Congratulations made them popular from the start. On a continent with a strong band culture, their music was meant to meet strong support.

Fanmade DAY6 lightsticks

And to show this support, french MyDays (the band’s fandom name) created their own lightsticks. DAY6 have an official lightband that is difficult to export due to a non-removable battery. Not wanting a dark crowd, the french fans created their own non-official lightsticks.

They also made sure to learn the fanchants, even though it seems they mostly sang along to the whole song as soon as they could. The band seemed to appreciate MyDays’ voices, as they let fans sing alone many times. Including for Shoot Me, a song released in 2018 and that was one of the highlights of the show.

Jae (DAY6) in Paris

DAY6’s first World Tour represents “Youth”. For sure, the audience showed all the energy of youth by jumping and enjoying the evening. This energy matched the members’ own energy. They all gave them all and showed a bright smile the whole concert. Jae especially was enjoying cheers from the french fans.

His reaction to french fans stomping on the ground to show support was “I don’t know what it is, but I like it. Keep doing it”.

Sungjin (Day6) in Paris

Sungjin, DAY6’s leader, addressed how their 1st World Tour was coming to an end. He thanked fans for letting them enjoy their youth like this. And even though the Youth tour is coming to an end, as long as MyDays and DAY6 exist, then they’ll be young forever.

DAY6 in Europe : 6 dates to party like crazy

So “Youth” was a very well-fitted title. Just like how only young people can meet and instantly click and become best buddies, that’s basically what we saw happening between DAY6 and MyDays.

The only thing that didn’t feel “young” at all was the band itself. Despite debuting less than 4 years ago, and having their 1st World Tour, DAY6 gave a show that could come from a band that debuted a decade ago.

Wonpil (DAY6) in Paris

Stable vocals, great understanding among the members, a tracklist that flows naturally, a good balance… Besides, they are artists who work on creating their own songs. So it was impressive to see their concert last for 2h30 with no cover and no track that was lesser-known by fans.

For a group that is so yound yet so mature and professional, we can only expect them to become more and more popular. No doubt they’ll spend their youth, their adulthood and probably even their old age receiving love from music lovers.

DAY6 in Europe : 6 dates to party like crazy

We’d like to thank DAY6 and MyMusicTaste for having us at the concert.

Pictures and Article by Céline

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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