[Foodie Friday] All about Cheese Restaurants for Cheese Lovers who ever visit Seoul

Cheese is now something very popular in Korean cuisine where suddenly many of the new, trendy restaurants now offer their main menu with cheese. For those of you who are visiting Seoul anytime soon, here is a great list of Cheese restaurants you should visit.


1. James Cheese Back Ribs

First opened in 2014, it serves back ribs with melted cheese and corn. It’s now one of the most popular cheese related franchise restaurants.

For directions and more details, click here.


2. James Chicago Pizza

Along with James Cheese Back Ribs, it’s one of the hottest restaurants now in Korea. It serves thick pizza filled with cheese inside the dough.

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3. Oh Jju

It’s a seafood restaurant, specialized in shortarm octopus. You can dip the spicy octopus into the melting cheese just like fondue. They also have a very unique cream makgeolli (Korean rice wine), which is their own creation.

For directions and details, click here.


4. Dalbongi Hanu

Hanu refers to Premium Korean Beef and this restaurant is known for its special way of offering Hanu – with grilled cheese. Take a grilled cheese with the grilled beef barbecue and voila! You won’t be able to resist it.

For directions and details, click here.

Want to know other cheese restaurants as well? Then simply click here for the full complete list!

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