Bean-2 and Cristofori Music School Organize Video Contest to Celebrate Singapore’s 50th Jubilee

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Bean-2 and Cristofori Music School are proud to announce that they are organizing “The Reason Why You Love Singapore 150 Sec Challenge” video challenge to commemorate Singapore’s 50th Golden Jubilee. Powered by the National Youth Council of Singapore, this campaign is proudly sponsored by Razer, Just Education, Freeing Sg, Pasarbella, ZALORA and Bubble Bump Singapore. Also, the campaign is supported by FLY Entertainment, Campus Magazine, MyCarForum, Runsociety, KAvenyou, MIDAS Development Corporation and SG K-Wave.

Our nation’s 50th Anniversary is a very important event for all Singaporeans, one which they are very proud of and have taken it upon themselves to celebrate with tremendous effort and dedication. It has been elaborately commemorated with many celebrations, shows, contests and other events. To sum the Jubilee Year up, this video challenge will present the nation with an opportunity to celebrate the many reasons and locations why we all love Singapore.


The challenge will take place from now, 3rd August 2015 to 31st October 2015 and it will feature various prizes, including the top prize of $10,000 in cash, a stage piano worth $4,000, as well as a Razer Blade 2015 laptop worth $3000. Challenge entries will consist videos of a maximum length of 150 seconds, in which Singaporeans present a place or location in Singapore that they feel is worthy of being noted because it is historical, special, attractive or otherwise unique. The aim of this challenge is to compile a series of such videos of the most beautiful places in Singapore that will then be introduced to the world at large.

“We are very proud to be Singaporean and we are honored to be part of the celebrations through the organization of this challenge”, Nobel, Founder of Bean-2 said. “This is a chance for any Singaporean to honor their country and do their best to present to the world – in 150 seconds – some of the most interesting places in our beautiful island state. This is a very noble and special effort and we hope to obtain very good results.”

People have also proven to be very excited at the prospect of taking on the challenge: “I think this is a great idea not only to introduce Singapore to the world, but also for us to learn more about our own country. I always welcome efforts to celebrate our Singapore and the festive occasion makes it even more special.”

The challenge is predicted to be very successful and entries are awaited with great anticipation. The prizes seem to be attractive to a large number of people, which means we will see many contestants who will strive to present the many beautiful places in Singapore in the most unique way possible, in their 150-second video. The contest is largely supported by various private companies and it is just one of the many special events organized this year, in order to commemorate the 50th jubilee. SG50 represents the Singaporean spirit and their long-held dream which has come true. The 50th jubilee is a celebration and a way to pay respect to the men and women who were trailblazers and achieved their dreams, and “The Reason Why You Love Singapore 150 Sec Challenge” seeks to pay tribute to this effort.

For more information on “The Reason Why You Love Singapore 150 Sec Challenge”, please visit the official website at

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