Asia Prince Lee Kwang Soo charmed fans in Malaysia!

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IMG_5224aMalaysia, 4 January 2014 – Running Man star Lee Kwang Soo held his first ever fan meet in Malaysia! The event was organised by JS Concert Productions with Faith & D Entertainment and King Kong Entertainment. The fan meeting was held at KWC Fashion Mall in Kuala Lumpur at 6pm.

Kwang Soo started off the event by performing a song by TVXQ called “Hug”. He also serenaded  the audience with “Because of Love” by Yoo Jae Ha with the company of the keyboard. As well as the famous “I Believe”.


Besides that, Asia Prince, Lee Kwang Soo spend some time to engage with the 3000 fans that was present at the venue. A total of 3 games were played. First one in which 4 actions, “Fashionist”, “Tough”, “Aegyo” and “Romantic” was showed by Kwang Soo and a particular fan have to mirror the actions.

Next, the ‘eliminating game’, in which 5 poses were created by Kwang Soo and whatever pose Kwang Soo poses the fans have to mirror them. The slower contestant will then be eliminated.


And lastly, the game that touched Kwang Soo’s heart, which involves the entire audience. The MC will ask the fans questions and if they answer wrongly they will have to sit down until the last 10 fans will win an autograph T-shirt by Kwang Soo himself. I am so grateful because there are so many fans who seem to know so much about me, said Kwang Soo.


During the Q&A session, these were the few questions the MC’s asked.

Q: What do you like about Running Man?

Kwang Soo: I would like to thank Running Man for not only giving me fame, but also a new family/the members, as they mean a lot to me.


Q: You’re known as Asia’s Prince. How do you feel about it?

Kwang Soo: Firstly, thank you very much for the title and I will try my best to keep up to standard and show you my best.


Q: What is your ideal girl?

Kwang Soo: Someone who is slightly short but most importantly someone with a warm smile.


Q: What role do you want to take in future?

Kwang Soo: A Casanova. Play boy!


Q: What is your plan in 2014?

Kwang Soo: I would like to keep myself busy and also act in more dramas. I will tell all the Running Man members that Malaysia is awesome and that they should come visit soon.


The Malaysian Fan Club for Kwang Soo also prepared a special video for him, featuring memorable clips from his acting career and also messages from the fans, showing their endless support for him. The video even made Kwang Soo tear up!



The final song Kwang Soo performed was a cover of the song, “I Believe”, where he went down the stage and greeted the fans up close and personal. The event ended with a high-five session with the premium seat fans.



Special thanks to JS Concert Productions for organizing this event and inviting us to the event.

For more pictures from the event, please visit our Facebook page here.


Photography by Zoey @ KAvenyou

Article by Jen @ KAvenyou

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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